Entitled "Karen" Tries To Hit Hairdresser Then Expects Her To Finish Dye Job

Entitled “Karen” Tries To Hit Hairdresser Then Expects Her To Finish Dye Job

"Karen" strikes again!

You know the type: she's entitled, spoiled, borderline racist, and a perfect stereotype of a white, middle-aged privileged female with a bob.

So, what did "Karen" do this time? She refused to have her hair done by a Hispanic assistant.

The year of "Karen"

Before this, Karen released the fury in a hair salon, there was one at Trader Joe's.

She was just screaming, so we shall name her Karen Light.

The second Karen got physical.

When asked to wear a mask, she started throwing groceries and saying profanities.

Her hair was on point, though this Karen from Texas seems to be younger than an average.

And now it's time for "Karen goes to have her hair done."

Karen's anti-Hispanic tantrum

Sharon Spellman is a hairstylist whose disagreement with an offensive client went viral.

The client, aka Karen, didn't want Spellman's Hispanic assistant to finish the color touch-ups Spellman had started. As a result, Karen got angry, hysterical, and abusive.

She tried to assault Spellman, but luckily she realized there was a camera. So, it's safe to say that Karens are getting more and more aggressive.

Spellman shared footage from the salon's security camera to her Instagram and posted it with the following caption:



Hair Stylists & all customer service workers, BEWARE! This behavior really is out there!!

This all happened because my Hispanic assistant was going to finish her root touch-up!!

I do not condone racism, violence, or disrespect!!!! and always stand up for what is RIGHT!

I understand people are going through their own hardships but, WE ALL ARE! That is not an excuse to treat others poorly!!!

PS. I was able to obtain all this footage via my security camera.

Everyone stay safe out there. The world is CRAZY!

The clip shows Spellman and the assistant, with Karen, in the hair salon. Spellman told the "Karen", real name Robin, she's handing off her color job to the assistant.

Spellman tried to reason with Karen

Robin got sensitive about having the assistant touch her hair and threatened to leave if Spellman did not do her hair.

Spellman quietly explains why she has her assistant help her out. But it only got Karen more agitated. She started misbehaving, so Spellman had to call her out for the way she was speaking to her and her assistant.

She said to her:

You have half your color on, and you're going to talk to me like that? Robin!

Robin, "Karen III", didn't like that, so she tried to hit Spellman, who promptly kicked Karen out.

The video went viral, and Spellman went on Instagram live to elaborate on the incident.

She explained that the woman who tried to hit her is her client for a year and a half. Karen's behavior didn't surprise her.

And she was "the" client in the salon — before me working at the salon — that was getting passed around because nobody could handle her energies. She would sometimes kind of be out of line towards other people in the salon, and I would look at her, and I would be like, 'Robin, that's not very nice, we can't talk to people that way.'

When to expect Karen's new attack

With the holiday season coming, we sure will see a lot more of Karen.

She will punch Santa in the gut, and just imagine the chaos she will create on Black Friday.

And if you have a Karen in your family, you know that you'll be thankful once Thanksgiving dinner is over.