ENFP Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

An ENFP personality is a combination of extrovert, intuition, feeling, and perception. They are all-or-nothing persons in both their personal and professional lives. The same translates into ENFP relationships.

They are serious about intimate relationships but pursue them with excitement and passion. ENFPs want significant relationships with their mates and are more likely to quit a relationship quickly if they don't get them.

This personality type is best paired with an INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) or INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception). Such personalities provide a rooted, analytical counterpoint to the ENFP's chaotic but creative nature. Are you curious about how to prosper in ENFP relationships?

From being consistent to keeping an open mind, there are certain things you need to practice to be in a healthy ENFP relationship. They might seem a lot, but in the end, it is all worth it.

We are here to help you! Here are the top things to remember when in ENFP relationships.

Be Consistent

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

ENFPs sport an all-or-nothing attitude, and that is why they gravitate toward intuitive, introverted judges who are anchored. In ENFP relationships, the best love interests for this personality type are INFJs (introverted, intuitive, feelings) and INTJs (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging). The Ying to an ENFP's excited Yang is a reflective partner.

Their hyperactive natures, like that of kids, are soothed by purposeful, ordered thought.

Stand Your Ground When Needed

ENFP Relationships: Things to Know Before Dating an ENFP

ENFPs are both obstinate and open-minded. They are adamant about defending the ideals that are important to them. Ironically, they admire those who stand for what they believe in as well.

Showing an ENFP your priorities and standing unashamedly for those goals is the road to their heart. In ENFP relationships, be sure to hold your ground and identity. ENFPs aren't wimps and don't want their partners to be as well.

Have An Open Mind

ENFP relationships

ENFP relationships can be strange ones. They have a new life now and then and may refute themselves multiple times within a single discussion. The earlier you embrace this, the less complex things would be.

They frequently make judgments that have little to do with the topic at hand. Take everything at ease. ENFPs move at a breakneck pace. However, it is a great deal of fun to keep up with them.

Ensure that you are willing to hear about new topics, hobbies, and jobs. They rarely let you down.

Challenge Them

ENFP Relationships: Things to Know Before Dating an ENFP

For an ENFP, quality dialogue is the most appealing thing in the world. This personality enjoys trying out new thoughts and respects anyone who would rationally challenge their way of thinking.

A perfect first date is a lively debate. To an ENFP, the more ideas you throw at them, the more attractive you seem. For this personality type, wooing starts in the thoughts.

Give Feedback

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

Communication is vital in ENFP relationships. They genuinely believe in making their relationship work, yet they might not always follow through.

For instance, an overly exuberant ENFP may prepare a lavish surprise birthday party for their introverted companion. As a result, their partner might become highly stressed.

In such situations, it's better to tell the ENFP that you applaud their efforts lightly; however, their approach wasn't the best. ENFPs are uncomfortable with direct criticism, but they appreciate their relationship's well-being.

They would like to understand if they're doing anything incorrectly.

Embrace Their Strange Whims

ENFP Relationships: Things to Know Before Dating an ENFP

Sometimes, you might have to be the one who breaks their dream of going and settling in South Africa just to be with Kangaroos. However, sit with them as they look up aircraft tickets on the internet. It will always be the thought that counts.

Make Them Feel Free

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

The feeling of being tethered is something that an ENFP despises. While this personality is generally devoted to their partners, they aren't comfortable putting their personal development on hold.

An ENFP defines a good relationship as one in which both sides are developing and expanding, yet neither is stagnant.

ENFPs With Other Personality Types

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

Certain personalities such as INTJs are an excellent match for ENFPs. Others, such as ISTJs, well, not so much. Let us get a brief understanding of the best and not-so-best partner personalities for ENFPs.

INTJ And ENFP Relationships

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

Life is filled with opportunities and enthusiasm for the ENFP. Since they both flourish in the realm of imagination, INTJs and ENFPs will get along and have a natural spark. They will exude a contagious passion that will entice the INTJ to join them.

The ENFP would also start opening limitless opportunities to the INTJ, thinking they were ignorant of before. On the other hand, INTJs will embrace ENFPs' insights and ideas and offer them direction and concentration.

They will assist their partners in bringing such ideas to reality. Since INTJs are quiet and shy, they seek comfort and enjoyment in the lively and truly open-minded ENFPs. INFPs and ENFJs do not appreciate conflict.

As a result, when they dispute something, their efforts to reach an agreement rarely devolve into a conflict.

INFP And ENFP Relationships

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

ENFPs are loudmouths who can talk for hours on end. Alternatively, INFPs are reserved and tranquil, and they enjoy listening. As a result, these two personality types are a perfect match.

ENFPs are sociable creatures. They like bringing joy to everyone around them. INFPs want to remain in the background. Since they are artistic and creative, ENFPs gravitate toward them.

Both personalities are heavy on intuition and can hold in-depth conversations. The INFPs and ENFPs can express their emotions in unusual ways, which helps to keep their passion alive.

ISTP And ENFP Relationships

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

There are no parallels and significant differences in the ISTP-ENFP connection. ISTPs (introverted, observant, thinking, prospecting) are realistic, practical, and analytical. They also have a hard time dealing with feelings. They might not be enticing to ENFPs at all.

Final Thoughts

Enfp Relationships: 7 Amazing Things To Know

ENFP relationships are strange yet beautiful. An ENFP relationship can manifest into one of the best experiences of your life. However, with such high stakes, there are great chances of disasters as well.

ENFPs are a lot to take, and a certain few personalities such as INFPs and INTJs are an ideal match for them. So give your relationship your best and hope it works out for you in the most beautiful way!