Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Yank It Out Of Ocean For Selfies

Sad news! A young dolphin died after tourists pulled it out of the ocean to take selfies with it.

We're living in a society where many people don't care about others or even other beings surrounding our environment. People can do mischievous behaviors to impress their followers on social media.

In Santa Teresita beach resort, in Buenos Aires capital city, Argentina, a young Franciscan dolphin died after a group of tourists roughly mishandled it.

The crowd grabbed and passed the dolphin around, which had been carried to the shores by an ocean tide.

According to Argentina's Wildlife Foundation, after the tourists took selfies and tossing it as a trophy, they left it to die on the sand.

The Young Dolphin Didn't Survive

The video shows people who didn't care that the dolphin won't survive out of water for long. All they wanted was to take selfies for their own amusement.

Some people can even be seen tossing the helpless dolphin on the sand to get more photos.

A witness to the incidence said:

"They let him die."

"He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the water—in fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him. They said he was already dead."

The Franciscan dolphin species are vulnerable to extinction, according to the Fundación Vida Silvestre.

The Fundación wrote on their website:

"The Franciscan, like other dolphins, cannot remain above water for long."

"It has a very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather quickly causes dehydration and death."

It's Time People Learn To Care About Animals

A representative for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) reported that they felt sorry for the young dolphin together with its mother.

The spokesperson for PETA also added:

"In their efforts to get a novelty' selfie,' these holidaymakers showed a naïve – and ultimately fatal – disregard for life by hauling this baby dolphin out of the sea, where he or she belonged."

"One can only imagine the trauma suffered not only by this baby, who was passed around like a toy by marauding tourists but also by his or her grieving mother."

Cruelty to any animal is wrong. And you don't have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to understand the importance of protecting wildlife.

It's everyone's responsibility to ensure both domestic and wild animals are kept safe from harm.

Also, poaching isn't the only act that harms animal survival. Pulling a helpless dolphin out of the water, knowing it won't survive, is a wicked deed.

It's also saddening the way the people left the dolphin on the sand. They should have put it back to the ocean, and it would have lived.