Encouragement For A Nursing Major

Encouragement For A Nursing Major

When you were a child you always dreamed of being a nurse. You would bandage all your bears and pretend to give them shots. You would always be the one helping your mom or dad or siblings when they were sick. It's all you thought about. Now that you have graduated high school and are finally halfway through school you are wondering some days how to go on. You can do it. You can get through it.

Some days you will cry and some days you will wonder why you are trying. Someone at your placement will yell at you or a teacher will give you a bad grade after studying all night and you will wonder. You will regret not following your friends to desk jobs where they type on a computer all day and chat on coffee breaks. You will wonder if you can handle it.

You Can Do It

Then one day you will amaze yourself. You will ace that test on medications or you will learn to give a shot perfectly. You will get a hug from a patient you have helped and you will know you are made for this. It's not a career, it's a calling. You don't want a job, you want to change lives. You will know you are where you belong.

It's A Calling

The world needs healers and helpers. The world needs your passion and empathy. The world needs your medical knowledge. The world needs your caring and strength. You will make it and you will be so proud. One day when you put on your scrubs and walk into that hospital or nursing home to see smiling hopeful faces who know you are there to help, then you will know you are where you belong.

Some days are hard and make you feel like giving up, and know that there will always be those days. You did not choose to become a nurse because it was easy, you chose to become a nurse to make a difference. When a patient dies or screams at you or is beyond your reach or capability to help then you will still question why you do it. But when you realize the lives that are better because of you and when you realize those you helped or saved, then you will know it was all worth it. Please don't give up. You have chosen well and you will be the best nurse possible

It's All worth It

You will wonder some days as you cry and lose sleep if you will ever get through it. You will. You are special. You are just what the world needs and you will get through it. When your friends go on dates or out on weekends you will envy them but when you literally change lives and command respect everywhere you go they will envy you. When you can go home at night knowing you saved lives then you will know you chose right. Things might be hard and tough but just know the result is all worth it and that little girl you were is rooting for you to finish.