Empaths Are Tuned Into The Frequency Of Truth — You Can't Lie To Them

Empaths Are Tuned Into The Frequency Of Truth — You Can’t Lie To Them

Empaths are highly attuned to other people's moods, both good and bad. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. They are extremely observant and sensitive to their environment and pick up the smallest detail of another person's behaviors. Empaths experience the world through their intuition. It is important for them to develop their intuition and listen to their gut feelings about people. They can't always explain to others how they know things, but they do.

Many empaths try to ignore all their sensitivities. They even try and convince themselves that they're overreacting or just being paranoid, but without fail, empaths find out that all the information they received was accurate.

Empaths are working from a higher frequency than the rest of us, and they can see, feel, and hear things most of us can't. It's a unique gift, but it can also be very draining.

Empaths, when you bring it back to basics, represent what's good in the world. Through their unique gifts, they can heal people, have compassion, and total understanding of other problems. They can pick up on the intentions of others, good and bad. You can't lie to an empath, as they know when something is wrong, or something's amiss. They can feel it on levels that most can't understand.

Empaths are quite literally human lie detectors because empaths pick up on every little cue you give off, including the ones you can't see. Empaths can feel your energy and will notice any changes, no matter how slight. So, if you lie to an empath, you set yourself up to be exposed. An empath more often than not won't let you know, but trust me, they always know.

Empaths trust their intuition, they know and trust this. They know when your smile is fake or not. They ask all the right questions guided by their intuition. Hiding your real emotions, feelings, or agendas won't do any good when in the company of an empath as they can pick up on all of this. They can "read" what's going on.

When in the company of an empowered empath, there is no point in even trying to pull the wool over their eyes because they can see through it. An empath goes out of their way to help people, and would rather you be honest and upfront from the start, and not take them for a fool. An empath can feel your energy, and energy never lies.