Empaths Are Human Lie Detectors, You Can't Lie To Them

Empaths Are Human Lie Detectors, You Can’t Lie To Them

Are you aware that our body's physiology actually changes in the presence of truth? There is an instant increase in muscle power, and we immediately feel happier, more loving, and easy-going.

Our breathing and blood pressure relaxes, muscle tension eases off, and our gastrointestinal function normalizes.

Empaths are powerful because you can't hide your true inner feelings and vibrations from them. You can't put on a fake smile and be nice to them to get what you want, as they feel right through this.

Empaths are highly attuned to other people's moods. They can sense things and tune into the world around them in ways the average person can't.

Empaths feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. They are extremely observant and sensitive to their environment. They pick up the smallest details of another person's behaviors.

Empaths experience the world through their intuition. They need to develop their intuition and listen to their gut feelings about people. They can't always explain to others how they know things, but they do.

Empaths have the ability to pick up on signs, no matter how subtle, signs you are unaware you are even giving off. They may not necessarily be able to fit all the pieces together right off the bat, but they know when something is off and won't settle until they get to the bottom of it.


empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

Although skilled lie detectors, some empaths don't trust their abilities. They convince themselves they must be wrong as no one else sees and senses what they do, especially the unempowered empath.

Empaths who haven't stepped into their power will often doubt themselves first rather than think badly of another. Many try to ignore all their sensitivities; they even try and convince themselves that they're overreacting or just being paranoid.

But without fail, empaths find out that all the information they received was accurate.

Empaths are working from a higher frequency than the average person, and they can see, feel, and hear things most can't. It's a unique gift, but it can also be very draining.

Truth Is A Frequency To Tune Into

empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

The truth feels different; it hits differently. The truth in your body feels like a sense of relief, a lightness, an increased sense of freedom. It also has a feeling of unwavering certainty and a sense of feeling empowered.

On the flip side, being untruthful causes a loss of the body's muscle strength, it can erode our vitality.

When we tell the truth or are in the presence of truth and honesty, empaths immediately feel better. The difference is felt and is so obvious to our senses.

When you bring it back to basics, empaths represent what's good in the world. Through their unique gifts, they can heal people, have compassion, and total understanding of other's problems. They can pick up on the intentions of others, good and bad.

You can't lie to an empath, as they know when something is wrong or something is amiss. They can feel it on levels that most can't understand.

Lie Detectors

empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

Empaths are quite pretty much human lie detectors because empaths pick up on every little cue you give off, including the ones you can't see; empaths can feel your energy and will notice any changes, no matter how slight.

If you lie to an empath, you set yourself up to be exposed. Empaths have an innate ability at reading and feeling other's emotions and vibrations. Because of this, they can quite literally feel when you are lying.


empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

Empaths trust their intuition, they know and trust this. They know when your smile is fake or not; they ask all the right questions guided by their intuition.

Hiding your real emotions, feelings, or agendas won't do any good when in the company of an empath as they can pick up on all of this. They can "read" what's going on.


empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

An empath can always detect when you really mean what you say or when you don't really mean what you're doing.

Sincerity is something that empaths can gauge accurately in others.

Being Genuine

empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

Empaths can always see through the facade of someone trying to put on a show. When you are trying to hide your genuine self an empath can clearly see through the falseness.

When in the company of an empowered empath, there is no point in even trying to pull the wool over their eyes, they can see through it.

An empath goes out of their way to help people and would rather you be honest and upfront to start and not take them for a fool. An empath can feel your energy, and energy never lies.

They Know If You Are Not Ok

empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

You can say you are ok a million times, and an empath will know you are anything but. They don't want to point out you are lying for any other reason but to help you if they can.

If there is anyone you could open up to and trust, it's an empath. They hold no judgments and are only interested in helping if they can.


empaths are human lie detectors, you can't lie to them

Energy doesn't lie, and empaths are in the energy business, it's who they are. Empaths can tell what's true with how it resonates with them. It is a feeling of familiarity, comfort, and remembering.

Empaths listen to their intuition and gut feeling. If something feels off, they trust it.

In a nutshell, it's all about being authentic for an empath, be it good or bad, just be honest.

During these current difficult times, more and more people are searching for their truth and purpose. Lies are coming to the surface as it is time for everyone to start living authentically.

While the world is going through this current upheaval, many empaths have found themselves staying away from people and finding comfort in solitude.

Empaths can't do fake, being around inauthentic people, and people whose vibrations don't match their words tend to scramble the brains of empaths.