Emotionally Mature Women Don’t Need Fairytale Romance

We think of romance as something beautiful and ideal. We think of beautiful homes with elegant gardens, picturesque vacations in exotic cities, gentle smiles in moonlit parks, and fashionable dinners at shining restaurants. However, real relationships are rarely like this. They are not real-life fairy tales. Emotionally mature women understand this, which is why they don’t hold out for fairy tale romance. They demand commitment, intimacy, and sacrifice. Here’s what they know.

There are no happy endings

There are no happy endings in real-life relationships. There are only ups and downs; happiness and sorrow. The best relationships are those that have endured these changes and have emerged on the other side, stronger and better than before.

In contrast, women who expect happy endings have unrealistic expectations for themselves and for their partners. They are burdened with the idea that good things will never change and that they will be forever happy. So when things change for the worse, or turn out differently than what they have expected, they feel cheated somehow, and such emotions lead to self-sabotage.

Looking for the “perfect” man won’t work out

Most of us don’t like to “settle for less.” It feels as though we’re selling ourselves short, and that is why many women will accept nothing less than prince charming. He has to be rich, handsome, nice, strong articulate, and successful at all times. Anything less than that is not good enough. But what if that dream guy is all of these things, except rich, or what if he’s not as successful as most people? Would you still reject him?

Emotionally mature women know that there’s no such thing as a perfect guy, so they settle for a very good or even good guy. Such relationships may not offer everything a woman wants, but they offer a good start, and that’s what matters.

What happens when things go wrong?

Mature women understand that relationships will always have problems, and good couples are always prepared to solve them. Professional issues, accusations of infidelity, medical problems, family problems, and many more are some of the crises that happen to many relationships somewhere along the way.

In contrast, women who have fairy tale relationships never entertain the possibility that their relationships may fall apart in the future. As far as they’re concerned, their relationships will never have a crisis, and such assumptions make them vulnerable to serious problems later on.

Honesty counts

We all want our partners to be honest, but the best way to have a real relationship is to be honest about yourself. Do you really think that you could get a fairy tale romance? Even a few rich and beautiful women don’t believe in the idea, so why should you?

A lot of women hold out hope for a prince charming because they can’t be honest with themselves, and this dishonesty is what’s preventing them from finding a good relationship. So forget your fantasy. Look at what’s real, and work on that. You’ll thank yourself later.