Emotional Vampires Love Highly Sensitive People

Emotional Vampires Love Highly Sensitive People

Some people just suck the life right out of you, don't they?

You're left feeling exhausted and wondering why that is.

It could be you're an empath and are not aware of being one.

Maybe your empathic side is waking up.

It's a truly special gift, embrace it, but also do what you can to protect yourself from the parasites around you.

Signs that you may be awakening are:

You Have Heightened Senses

You have a highly sensitive nature. You feel the emotions of those around you. You can sense their pain as well as their joy. Overexposure to both will leave you feeling drained, the best way to take a break from this is to remove yourself from the environment.

You Can Read Auras

You can sense an emotional vampire before they can get too close to you.

They sometimes don't even need to speak before your radar is up.

Distance yourself as quickly as you can from them, if you can't because of a work environment, put as much personal space as possible between you.

You Have An Awesome Bullshit Detector

You have a highly intuitive personality, and you can know instantly when someone isn't being sincere.

It's almost like you are in their mind, seeing exactly what the truth of the matter is.

Knowing too much can be draining, choose who you spend time with carefully.

"You're Too Sensitive For This World"

Far too often we are told this, which quite frankly is downright rude!

There you are living your life, in your own way, happy and content, but the second you make clear you can see the real world and the real people "you're too sensitive."

It can make you totally isolate, this is different from removing yourself for protection.

Believe in yourself and ignore the rude assholes.

You Find Crowds Overwhelming

You're not a party person.

You're happiest when out with a few close friends. There is nothing wrong with that, enjoy yourself, after all, we can't all be party animals.

You Know What Those Close To You Feel And Need, Sometimes Before They Do

When close to someone there is a unique bond.

You know what they want, you are the best gift giver as you are so in tune with their likes and dislikes.

You know their struggles and have been known to suddenly hug your close friend to have them say, "How did you know that is exactly what I needed right now?"

You Have A Strong Intuition

You have a "when shits about to go down" radar.

It never lets you down, that uneasy feeling in the gut, a strong sensation that life is about to change.

Don't be scared of it.

React to what comes your way when you need to, don't sit and worry about what has yet to happen.

You Are The Ultimate Food If You Allow It

There are many types of emotional vampires who seek out those with empathy, such as Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sociopaths.

They need to feed from the high vibrations your body gives out.

Watch out for these people and keep away, do not allow yourself to fall for their charming ways.

Not sure if you're around someone like this, ask yourself;

"Am I tired?"

"Do I feel depressed for no reason?"

If you've answered yes to either of these questions then you are being used as a source for feeding their energy needs.