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Emoji Of Pregnant Man To Be Released Later This Year

Emoji Of Pregnant Man To Be Released Later This Year

Two new emojis, "pregnant man" and a gender-neutral "pregnant person," will be out later this year, though Apple users already have had some of them since late April.

Apple also issued a gender-neutral pregnant person with five skin tones.

Among over 35 new emoticons set to be released on all platforms will be several promoting diversity. The most prominent ones are presented by multiracial handshakes.

Emojipedia explained that these new emojis will help people understand that "pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people."

Emojipedia said:

"It is yet to be confirmed which emojis are in the final version of Emoji 14.0. The definitive version is likely to resemble this draft list, and no new emojis will be added at this stage.

"But there's always a remote possibility of a change or removal ahead of September."

Though some will say it is just another emoticon, it has been among the most controversial ones. Regardless of controversies, emojis are here to stay, and there are other valuable social topics to be covered soon.

A coral has been proposed to represent climate change. A person with a crown might be given the green light to represent a gender-neutral alternative to the current prince and princess emojis.

Among those proposed are a melting face, a saluting face, a biting lip, an x-ray, and a driver's license.

How do you feel about the new range of emoticons? If you are an iPhone user, did you get used to the new emojis, or are you still confused like many Twitter users?