Emma Sanders Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Emma Sanders Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Emma Sanders is a fashion model originally from New Zealand. Her Instagram is helloemmasanders.

Date Of Birth

21 August 1988

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Birth Place

New Zealand

Net Worth


Marital Status

Not married


5 feet 11 inches (180cm)





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Best Known For

Emma is a known model signed with A MANAGEMENT in Berlin and JAG Models in the United States. She is famous for her beautiful looks and charming personality.

She has modeled for the popular brands ASOS, H&M, and Lane Bryant and featured in prominent Elle Magazine.

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Who Is Emma Sanders Dating?

She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Emma Sanders Boyfriends/Girlfriends


Emma Sanders Instagram

Her first post dates back to 2015, and her Instagram photos get up to 5k likes, around 1.5k on average.

Emma shares modeling photos and content related to her work and lifestyle. She loves to travel and wants to be at several places simultaneously, so you can often see her posing at popular travel destinations.

About Emma Sanders

Emma studied business and tourism at the University. She was attending a Zumba class when she was scouted as a model.

She has always been a curvier size, and at an early age, she joined Weight Watchers. Her family tried to make her lose weight to be healthier. It took a while before they discovered that she was simply built that way.

As a teenager, she got bullied for her size, and when she forced herself to lose weight, she discovered people became nicer to her. However, that only inspired her to shut those people out of her life, and she stopped wanting to please others.

She built her self-esteem through dancing which she is very passionate about. Her dance classes have also helped her in her modeling career.


She was born in New Zealand and moved with her family to Germany.

Interesting Facts

She feels like plus-size is outdated since beauty looks different everywhere in the world.

She is an active girl who likes to go on hikes.