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American fashion and lingerie model, Emma Kotos, started modeling at 18, and her career has been growing ever since. There is a good reason why this goddess has nearly 800k fans on Instagram, and you can find her @emmakotos.

Date Of Birth

July 4, 1998

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Seattle, Washington, US

Net Worth

500k USD

Marital Status



5'2 inches or 157 cm


53 kg



Hair Color


Eye color


Tattoos And Piercings


Best Known For

Kotos is best known for her piercing blue-green eyes and slim but fit physique.

She started modeling in 2018, working for brands like Vivamacity Jewelry and Pretty Little Things.

Her boyfriend is also a model.

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Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated August 2021)


Who Is Emma Kotos Dating?

Brandon Gray

Emma Kotos Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Brandon Gray and Emma Kotos have been dating for years. In fact, the two share at least one dog.

Her previous relationships are unknown.

Emma Kotos Instagram

Koros started Instagram in 2016.

In 2018, she decided to dedicate more time to her content, and her fandom has been growing gradually in the past years.

Her most recent posts attracted more attention due to a number of revealing photos.

About Emma Kotos

Emma currently residents in Los Angeles, California.

Her favorite color is blue, and she enjoys TV shows, from Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones.

She was a cheerleader in high school, and ever since, she's been exercising regularly.


Emma Kotos was raised in Hartford, Connecticut, with her sister and brother.

Her sister, Bella Mairen, is also a social media personality.

Though it is rather clear that Emma had a normal childhood with her parents and siblings, she does not talk about her parents in public.

Interesting Facts

The Barbie look-alike model is addicted to traveling and photography.

She is also a dog lover and loves to spend time watching her fave TV shows and chilling with her boyfriend.

Despite her perfectly shaped curves and pouty lips, the model spoke up about her issues with depression and anxiety. She got help, but she is also using her influence to raise awareness.

Emma is a huge star in the native US, but even more so in Brazil and Mexico.