emily sears will leave you jaw dropped

This feature is long overdue, as it's about a beautiful lady who can brighten your day with her smile, and God knows we need tons of those. Emily Sears has a warm heart and a face that oozes beauty and brilliance.

She is the perfect girl with her outstanding looks and an inviting personality.

If you are easily carried away by gorgeous eyes and flowing beautiful hair, you don't stand a chance with this lady.

Born on October 30, 1987, Emily Sears has made quite a life for herself based on her model looks and go-getter attitude. She is a designer, a model, an author, and even a body activist.

So, she is certainly a busy girl, but it's all working out for her.

And believe it or not, she falls in the "plus-size" category in the fat-hating world of modeling. However, she is crazy beautiful, which is why her clothing size has not stopped her from modeling opportunities.

Once You See Her, You Will Have A Hard Time Looking Away

She draws you in with her beautiful magnetic eyes. If you don't believe me, just have a look at her pictures.

On her Instagram account, there are lots of pictures, and that has certainly made her adoring fans very happy. Based on the number of likes she gets, tens of thousands of fans like her photos whenever she uploads them.

She let her amazing photos do all the talking.

In fact, she has quite a legion of followers on Instagram. At the moment, she boasts more than 4 million followers, so there's no shame in joining them.

So yea, Emily is a big deal. No wonder she appears in major fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue.

You might also have caught her doing Levi's commercials.

Emily might be considered a "plus-size" model in professional circles, but the only thing she truly has an abundance of is enchanting beauty and an irresistible personality. No wonder she has so many fans.

emily sears will leave you jaw dropped
emily sears will leave you jaw dropped

Emily has it all, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She has as much drive as she has beauty; which is just the perfect combo to make her the beautiful inspiration she is today.