Emily Elizabeth Smiles At Her Fans While Wearing A White Low-Cut Top

Emily Elizabeth Smiles At Her Fans While In A White Low-cut Top

Emily Elizabeth has a smile that can drive most people crazy. In her most recent post, her disarming smile was just one of the amazing things she showed off to her fans.

In the post, she was thankful for an "absolutely PERFECT smile." She also claimed that she felt more confident due to her smile.

In the post, she was standing against a white wall. She used a sexy pose, with her hands in her high-waist denim pockets while looking away from the camera.

The model was also dressed in a scanty outfit that left little to the imagination. There is no denying that the 24-year-old has the right curves in the right places.

The model has ripped abs and a toned body, which is the envy of many of her followers. She also loves showing off her perky bust and her tiny waist.

To enhance her looks, Emily likes to put on some makeup. She might use lipgloss, shimmering highlighter, blush, and black eyeliner.

A few hours after she shared her post, many social media users responded through likes and comments. Supporters from all around the world complimented Emily on her beauty, smile, and body.

Her fans were quick to tell her she looked amazing and beautiful.

Emily was getting her veneers done by a dentist, Dr. Sean Kutlay D.D.S., based in California.

He even posted Emily's before and after pictures on Instagram, saying they had used ten veneers to take a good smile to a great one because "Good is the enemy of great."

The Instagram model knows just what her fans like, which is why she can often be seen in scanty bikinis in exotic locations.