Embracing Your Gray Hair May Make You Feel Prettier, At Any Age

embracing your gray hair may make you feel prettier, at any age

Meet Sara Eisenman, a woman who will inspire you to challenge the beauty standards.

Gray hair represents aging (though we can only really blame genetics), so we spent hours, and thousands of dollars, only on hiding what is nothing more than a part of being human.

Some people get grey hair younger, and for Sara Eisenman, that was when she was 21. So, this Arizona lady, now 43, did everything to hide from nature and genetics. Because, as much as it's a sign of aging, gray hair is genetically predisposed.

After giving birth to her second child, Sara simply decided to stop dying her hair. There was no significant reason, but her silver locks made her feel liberated and loved.

While her husband was supportive, friends thought she looked old and even like a witch! Talk about being judgmental! But, it made Eisenman even more determined, and not only she stopped caring about what others think, but she also decided to start wearing clothes she loves finally.

This sweet story is a simple reminder that you don't need outdated beauty standards to feel pretty and desirable. Life's too short to care what everyone has to say. Why are we so afraid of aging, we should celebrate it!

Celebrate every birthday, every anniversary, because it means you are still here and you can always learn to love yourself and make a difference.

Falling in love with your gray hair is symbolic. Your wit, intelligence, passions are what make you unique, irreplaceable. Accept yourself, and the world will follow!