Elon Musk's Decision To Use Poop Emoji On Twitter's Press Email Replies Massively Backfires

Elon Musk's choice to use the poop emoji as the automatic response for all Twitter press inquiries has resulted in a backlash, with many using it to continuously ridicule him.

Ever since the head of Tesla and SpaceX took control of Twitter headquarters, he has made some rather peculiar choices. These include dismissing and later rehiring a group of employees, bringing a sink into the office on his initial day (hilarious, of course), and currently modifying the automatic response to media emails with a vulgar term.

While it may not be considered sophisticated humor, it is largely within the realm of our expectations.

We're discussing one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet who's resorting to posting fecal humor on Twitter.

It's difficult not to appreciate it.

He announced his relocation on Twitter with a tweet: "[email address] press@twitter.com now auto responds with [poop emoji]"

We did contact Twitter for a statement using that email address, and indeed, we received a response.

Regardless, that's all fine and dandy, but it's a nightmare if one needs to get in touch with Twitter's media relations team.

Furthermore, individuals are capitalizing on this opportunity to mock Elon and Twitter by submitting inquiries that receive automated poop responses.

Questions include: "Hi, looking for an honest answer: what's it like to work at Twitter right now?"

Another reads: "Hello press team, I know you're very busy, but would it be possible to get a quick comment on what you think of the current Twitter CEO Elon Musk?"

A third asks: "I know this is highly unorthodox, but would the Twitter press department be willing to share what Elon Musk's favorite fetish is?"

The possibilities for amusement are endless.

As before, we inquired about this, but you're likely aware of the answer we received.

Elon appears to have a liking for this specific emoji, as he previously utilized it in response to accusations of breaching his duties related to the merger agreement he agreed to when he assumed the role of Twitter's top executive.

Ironically, despite his recent preference, Musk stated that he assumed control of Twitter with the aim of transforming it into a stronghold of unrestricted expression.

Certainly, the use of the poop emoji falls under the umbrella of unrestrained speech, and he has the freedom to keep using it, but it would be more honest and aligned with the ideals of free speech to address inquiries for comments and details.

But then again, who are we to say?

We would directly inquire about those accusations to Twitter, but as you can probably predict, we've encountered the same obstacle before.