Elliot Page Takes Topless Mirror Selfie (Again) To Announce "My New Phone Works"

Elliot Page Takes Topless Mirror Selfie (Again) To Announce "My New Phone Works"

Famous actor Elliot Page shared another reveling selfie with the caption "my new phone works."

The Instagram post gained nearly two million likes, as the star of Juno and The Umbrella Academy received numerous compliments from fans, transgender stars, and fellow actors.

Celebrity Friends Praised The Actor's Post


The actor came out transgender last December, changing the name Ellen to Elliot. Elliot uses "he" and "they" as pronouns.

Beauty supplier Tourmaline stated:

"The mirror works too."

Artist Ian Daniel said:

"You're gonna break that phone tho with your intense hotness."

Actress Ashley Park wrote simply:


Actor Tommy Dorfman who has also carried out hormone treatments and changed his gender pronouns, stated, "boohoo."


Actress MJ Rodriguez commented:

"Damn, Elliot."

Tom Hopper wrote:

"Beatsaber has treated you well."

Famous actress Julianne Moore added fire emoji next to:


In May, the actor posted his first topless photo as turning out as transgender.

Celebrities Who Changed Their Gender Pronouns Recently


Unlike Elliot, who underwent a transformation, Demi Lovato only changed their pronouns in May after coming out as pansexual. They are now "non-binary" and are using the pronouns "they" and "them" to refer to themselves.

In July, pop star Halsey announced using "she" and "they," telling Allure Magazine that with just female pronouns, and they were "disrespected," explaining that she goes by both "she" and "they."