Elle Monae Suns Her Buns In A See-Through Dress

It's never too cold or too late to show what you have got. And Elle Monae has it all - the curves, the lines, the buns, everything.

The famous Too Hot To Handle star Elle Monae recently shared some new pictures with all of her 135k followers on Instagram.

In her latest pictures, the pretty girl poses in a black and utterly sexy see-through dress. Underneath the little glittery dress, we can see her black underwear.

It seems like the see-through dresses are living their comeback this summer.

But why wouldn't they? This kind of dress looks perfect for almost every summer night occasion - a beach party, or a pool party, it is THE dress you could wear if you want all eyes on you.

Not only that Elle most surely had all eyes on her through the whole night, but she also looked stunning with her white tie-on high heels.

Her fans couldn't resist her look, they also shared their impressions.

One of her followers wrote: "Living the Aquamarine lifestyle."

Elle indeed looked like a mermaid in this little sparkly dress.

If you're wondering who Elle Monae is, you should probably start binging Too Hot To Handle on Netflix as soon as possible. There are no excuses, especially not for a binge-worthy reality show with delicious drama.

But if you want to make a quick catch-up, these couple of things are the most important ones you need to know. As we mentioned, Elle Monae was one of the cast members of the popular reality show on Netflix, Too Hot To Handle.

She was one of the participants that joined the show halfway through the season - the perfect sexy spice to level up the second season of this addictive show.

Elle shared that she liked to joke with the producers throughout the filming. She always made people laugh when she asked them to keep the good guys for her eyes only.

However, some jokes are half meant true. Elle thought she struggled a bit around the other participants in the show, and she thought that maybe one of the reasons was that she joined them later in the season. She also mentioned that all important connections were already formed by then, which didn't make things flow easier.

It's such a pity, but Elle succeeded in making an impression and leaving her signature on the show.