Ella Baig Called Out For Breastfeeding Her Baby While Wearing Lingerie

Ella Baig, a famous model, has had to defend herself after she was seen breastfeeding her baby while wearing lingerie.

She responds that motherhood does not "extinguish" her sexuality.

People argued that the sight was creepy and inappropriate.

The model got a child with Nicola Adams, a former Olympic boxer. She shared a picture in which she was nursing her baby at just five months old.

In the photo, she was lying on a bed. She was in stockings, underwear, and suspenders.

However, not everyone was critical of her. Some people felt she looked beautiful in her underwear as she breastfed her child.

Still, some felt the image was "wrong."

Ella has been seeing Adams since 2018. When she shared the photo, she captioned it saying "My superpower is making milk."

She also said that she found it crazy that her body makes milk and that her baby lived off it.

Bella also wrote:

"Boobs are so sexualized and breastfeeding has given me a whole new perspective on them. It's such a wholesome feeling watching my baby feed and how content he is."

She then added:

"Now, don't get me wrong, boobs are hot too, but just like any other body part, they shouldn't be reduced to only being hot... they have purpose and don't need to be hidden away. On another note, how cute is this [lingerie] set?"

A lot of people had nothing positive to say about the picture. One of them pointed out that having her baby in a sexy pic was highly inappropriate.

Ella replied, saying that this was now the reality of her life. She has to balance her life as a model and her new role as a mother.

She then asked why can't women be sexy while being moms. The model wonders why the two have to be separate.

Still, some supported her by saying that she was doing amazing. Others told her that breastfeeding is "the most natural thing in the world."

Earlier, she had revealed that she had done four rounds of IVF before she became pregnant. The birth of their child was announced through Instagram back in July.

The child was born through C-section and already has an Instagram account.

After she shared pictures that showed her ever-growing baby bump, she faced criticism from trolls. These people made derogatory comments about her pregnancy.

She had shared a picture of herself in a gray dress. Ella was also holding her growing stomach.

The model claimed in a long comment that she and her ex regularly deal with remarks that their baby is not their own since that is "biologically impossible."

Ella's response to the trolls was that people should not criticize people who use IVF and blood donors. Rather, they should find comfort in the fact that the child will get love.