Electrician Falls Into 720 °C Aluminium Furnace In Factory And Survives

An electrician narrowly escaped death after he fell into a vat containing molten aluminum. The 25-year-old is incredibly lucky to be alive after the hellish ordeal.

The molten metal had a temperature of 1328 degrees Fahrenheit (720 degrees Celsius).

What is even more incredible is that the man pulled himself from the deadly menace. However, he got away with serious injuries and is currently getting treatment.

The electrician was busy going about his job in St Gallen in Switzerland when the accident happened.

He fell through a trapdoor and found himself submerged in a vat of hot aluminum. He was covered up to the knees.

Nevertheless, he managed to overcome the agonizing misfortune and get himself out of the vat.

An alarm was raised and doctors and paramedics rushed to offer their assistance before an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the authorities are looking into the circumstances that led to the accident.

Sadly, this is not the first time a terrible accident has happened at the foundry. When an explosion happened back in 2014, a man was left recovering from serious burns to his face.

Hopefully, the electrician will fully recover from his injuries. Still, the incident has changed his life in a big way.

In a different incident, a man survived by a whisker when a massive vat of molten metal crashed on a factory floor at a factory.

It has not been established what caused the molten metal to splash across the floor. The man was close by when the accident happened.

The incident was recorded on CCTV, and the man can be seen narrowly escaping. The molten lava quickly consumed the factory floor.

The video went viral after it was shared online earlier this year.

Such incidents make us wonder about the safety of people working in these factories. Not everybody will be this lucky when such things happen in the future.

Although the man who fell into the vat of molten metal is not exactly "lucky," he was incredibly fortunate to survive the terrifying ordeal.