Dorothy Ballard popularly known as Mercy to family and friends is a mother of three with eleven grandkids and 32 great-grandchildren. On her 100-year birthday, she was surprised by her friend Ben Bird who is a garbage collector that works on her street.

Ben Bird is a British garbage man who works for Wyre Forest Distinct Council in Worcestershire, UK.

Ben has been collecting Mercy’s garbage for eight years and the two have developed a special friendship since then. During his rounds every week, Ben would stop to have a chat with Mercy for roughly ten minutes from 8:00 am to 8:10 am, while his colleagues would carry on with their rounds.

“I have been doing Mercy’s bin for about eight years now and it just started with her opening the door and saying, ‘thank you’ and it has gone from there,’ Ben said in an interview

“I talk to her every Thursday from 8 am to 8.10 am and every time I walk up to her garden path, she will be there waiting for me,” he added.

Ben values his friendship with Mercy. He enjoys speaking to her since she was born before technology and conveniences were used and love hearing stories about her life.

She, in turn, enjoys talking about technologies even though Ben says she can’t wrap her head around them.

Their conversation was usually brief, but the pair were able to talk about everything from technology to family.

“He talks about the family, he tells me about his little kids and then the one day, when his wife had the baby, a little girl, and he said to me, ‘We’re going to call her Daisy.’ And I said, ‘Oh how wonderful, do you know that was my Mother’s name?’” Mercy said.

Ben had made a promise to her jokingly saying he had brought her a cake if she made it to 100. When she finally clocked 100, he kept his promise and was accompanied by two of his colleagues to surprise and celebrate with her.

The video about them has been going viral on social media and melting people’s hearts after her second-eldest daughter Katy Smith posted it.

In the video, Ben is seen walking up her garden path accompanied by his colleagues with a birthday cake that has a candle spelling 1-0-0 on it while singing a birthday song. Mercy is seen speechless while burying her face in her hand out of surprise. She blew her cake while Ben and his friends jokingly tell her to make a wish that she would live to 105.

The video has had comments like

“This is honestly one of the nicest things I have seen”

“Awesome bros! wish more people would be like this. So many elderly people alone wanting nothing more than a little company and attention.”