Elderly Gentleman And His Young Wife Share Nightly Intimacy Almost Every Night

We often hear tales of older men tying the knot with younger women. While some may raise eyebrows, many believe that age is merely a number.

Of course, challenges can arise in such relationships, especially concerning intimacy. However, sometimes, they find a solution that suits both.

The joke below exemplifies this. Here, an elderly man seems to have a clever plan from the start of their honeymoon.

A 70-year-old man had never taken the marital plunge. But destiny had plans when it led him to a radiant 18-year-old woman, and sparks flew immediately.

Their bond strengthened, leading them to exchange vows. Soon, they headed off to Florida to celebrate their honeymoon.

Back home, an inquisitive buddy asks, "How was the post-wedding getaway, old chap?"

Grinning ear to ear, the man reminisces, "It was absolutely magical. The balmy sun, the soothing waves, we almost had romantic escapades each evening, we -"

The buddy teases, "Every evening? At your age?"

Laughing, the man clarifies, "Ah, we almost made love on Monday, almost on Tuesday…"