Ekaterina Lisina Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Ekaterina Lisina Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Ekaterina Viktovna Lisina is the woman with the longest legs globally, and she got the Guinness World Records title of being the tallest professional model in the world in 2018. Here's everything you should know about this one-of-a-kind Instagram star.

Date Of Birth

15 October 1987

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Penza, Russian SFSR, Solviet Union

Net Worth

$12 million

Marital Status



6 feet 9 inches (209 cm)


198 pounds (90 kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings


Best Known For

Ekaterina is famous for her incredibly long legs. They got her a lot of attention on social media and helped her get into modeling.

Plastic Surgeries


Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In May 2022)

1.1 million

Who Is Ekaterina Lisina Dating?


Ekaterina Lisina Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Ekaterina is divorced. She and her ex-husband had a child together.

Ekaterina Lisina Instagram

On Instagram, Ekaterina posts about all aspects of her life, including her social life. Her posts get an average of about 90k likes each.

About Ekaterina Lisina

Ekaterina is formerly a basketball Olympic medalist. After completing her high school studies, she pursued higher studies and got a bachelor's degree.

Ekaterina had the dream of becoming a model from a young age, but when she tried to get into the industry as a teenager, she was constantly rejected for her height.

She started her career in sports in 2004 and played for many basketball clubs inside and outside Russia. The tall model has played for clubs such as CSKA Moscow.

Her sporting talent helped her win a medal during the Beijing Summer Olympics. Ekaterina won several sporting medals before quitting sports to focus on her modeling career in 2014.

She eventually started posting pictures on Instagram, which helped her attract many fans. Before long, she had become a fully-fledged social media model, with her height getting her a lot of attention.

Ekaterina is the founder of the modeling agency World's Tallest Models (WTM), based in Russia. The company seeks to give the tallest and longest-legged models a chance.


Her father is known as Viktor Lisina, a local businessman. Her mother is known as Galina Lisina.

She has one sibling, a brother called Sergei. She also has a son, but she has never revealed her name.

Interesting Facts

In addition to being on Instagram, she is also on TikTok, where she has over 9.4 million followers and over 113 million likes. On Twitter, she has 4.9k followers.

On YouTube, where she posts funny videos and behind the scenes of her photoshoots, she has 18k subscribers and half a million views. She started the channel in 2021.

To maintain her weight, she works out four days every week. She also follows a vegetarian diet and meditates every morning.

Due to her height, Ekaterina holds several records, which is considered the woman with the largest feet in Russia.

Her feet measure 30.5 cm long. After doing some research, she realized that she had the longest legs in the world.

Her right leg measures 52.0 inches, while her left leg measures 52.2 inches. She eventually got a Guinness World Records recognition for being the woman with the longest legs in the world.

In addition to modeling, she has also tried other things. For Instance, she appeared in the Resident Evil game, and her character got a warm reception.

Her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. Ekaterina's hobbies include artwork, theater plays, and reading.