Eggboy To Donate Gofundme Money To Victims Of Christchurch Terror Attack

Eggboy, a notorious teenager who saw a meteoritic rise to fame after hitting senator Fraser Anning with an egg on the head, says that the GoFundMe money being raised in his name will go towards the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

Many people consider the boy a hero, and there are even murals featuring him to celebrate his brave act.

A video of him smashing an egg over the Australian senator’s head went viral and made the boy, Will Connoly, an overnight celebrity.

The 17-year-old was irritated by the comments the senator made, which basically pinned the horrific incidents on immigrants, essentially giving the white supremacist who made the attack a pass.

Many people took issue with the statement, but it was Will Connoly who took the boldest and the most public display of his displeasure with the statement by breaking an egg on the senator’s head.

After the video went viral, many people hailed the boy as a hero. In the same measure, comments poured in insisting that the senator should be relieved of his responsibilities. Over a million petitions have been signed demanding that the senator is fired.

However, the young boy did not get away unscathed, as the senator’s security team gave him some blows and even put him in a headlock.

Later on, the police escorted him away, and although he insists that other people should not do as he did, he set in motion a movement that is still gathering steam.

A GoFundMe page for Eggboy managed to raise over $50,000 in just two days. The page says that the money should go towards paying Eggboy’s legal fees and buying him more eggs.

But in a heroic twist, Connolly says the money should go towards helping the victims of the attack.

His parents insist that fame has not overwhelmed him, but that the terror attack has shaken him.

Despite all the public ire, the senator remains unapologetic; and he continues to claim his reaction to Eggboy’s actions was purely in self-defense.