Effects Of Emotional Abuse And How To Deal With Them

Effects Of Emotional Abuse And How To Deal With Them

Sorry to say it, but here's the truth as it is: there is plenty you can know about someone, but some things about them will forever remain hidden.

It does not matter how well you know them or how well they express themselves and their intentions.

Heck, we don't even fully understand ourselves.

Some Experiences Change Who We Are In Ways We Can't Really Understand

People walk around with pain because of the emotional abuse they suffered at some points in their lives.

Many push these feelings aside rather than deal with them, and the pain and hurt lives within them.

Without Realizing It, Many People Walk Around As Victims Of Emotional Abuse

And obviously, if you don't know you are a victim of emotional abuse, there is no way you can deal with the problem.

So, here are some ways to know if you are a victim of emotional abuse or not.

Just for the record, emotional abuse includes being called names, being insulted and ridiculed, having your privacy invaded, being gaslighted, having someone try to control your life, being made to feel guilty, or getting punished for things you did not do.

Similarly, being threatened and getting separated from your family and friends can be forms of emotional abuse.

Victims of emotional abuse often suffer confusion and their souls get crushed. They also often cannot realize that they are victims. Many even think themselves guilty.

Over The Long Term, Emotional Abuse Can Have Effects Like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Fibromyalgia

Additional long-term effects of emotional abuse include chronic pain, insomnia, social withdrawal, depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some Effects Don't Last Long

However, they are just as damaging.

For instance, immediately following emotional abuse, people experience a faster heartbeat, muscle tension and pain, moodiness, lack of concentration, and nightmares.

In case you realize that you have emotional abuse issues, then you should try to deal with the problem to have a healthy life.

Sometimes, The Interventions You Try Might Not Work

But you have to keep trying until something works.

If you live with the pain and harm, it will poison your life and your relationships.

Also, understand that as you try to recover from the emotional abuse you have suffered, it is important to keep a journal of your journey.

Seek help from a counsellor and learn to forgive those responsible.

Take up a hobby and get all the support you require. Living a healthy lifestyle can also help, and this includes having a proper diet and doing physical exercises.

Reading inspirational books can also help you heal the pain that emotional abuse might cause.

However, Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

You might not get back to being "normal" as you once were. But know that you deserve to be healthy and better than the emotional abuse has made you.

The pain, the hurt, and the negativity can give way to better confidence and improved health, and that's worth pursuing. Nobody deserves to be a victim of emotional abuse.