Easy Japanese Recipe Everyone Can Make At Home

easy japanese recipe everyone can make at home

Do you love Japanese food? Most people love it because it is delicious! A video has gone viral where a female Japanese YouTuber decided to make a cooking video, which has blown up over the web.

It has over 670,000 views in just over a month!

But there is one problem, the YouTuber "水咲優美チャンネル" doesn't speak a word of English during the entire video. Nor does she provide any subtitles!

So why is the video viral?

Is that because of the delicious food that the girl is making? Are people admiring her excellent cooking skills? Is it because the world can speak Japanese?


The video has gone viral because of the raunchy dress the girl is wearing. And throughout the video, the YouTuber continues to show her cleavage leaving millions of men in awe! It is fair to say she is not shy about her assets!

Unfortunately for the men, she doesn't expose herself too much throughout the video. She covers her nipples with cute animation and has blurred out her visible bottom.

But that hasn't stopped it from going viral!

What did the comments say?

9gag posted the video on their feed and have had over 900 comments and nearly 12,000 points. And 9gag users posted a continual list of memes showing just how much they enjoyed the video.

easy japanese recipe everyone can make at home
easy japanese recipe everyone can make at home

Seaba commented on YouTube:

"who else came here after 9gag posted this on their feed."

Furthermore, SuperCelo commented:

"I'm here because of 9GAG, and it took me a whole 2 seconds to subscribe."

And Go MaroMaro jokingly wrote:

"Ah yes japan the land of pixelated censorship."

It is fair to say this YouTubers subscribers are rising. She currently has just under 40,000 Youtube subscribers, but it is likely her subscribers will continue to grow as she continues to show the world her excellent 'cooking skills'... or maybe something else.