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Dying Woman With Terminal Cancer Leaves Husband To Find Better Sex Before She Dies

dying woman with terminal cancer leaves husband to find better sex before she dies

Most spouses would be eternally grateful to have the support of their partners while struggling with a terminal illness. However, a certain woman decided that it was best to leave her husband after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She took this drastic decision for a very personal reason.

Rather than cheat on her husband, the woman decided to leave him so she could find better sex before she left this world.


She talked about the final years of her life in a Wondery podcast hosted by her BFF called "Dying for Sex".

The woman was only 41 years old when she learned that she was suffering from stage 4 cancer. It was not the first time she had fought the disease.

Back in 2011, she also got breast cancer.

However, this time, she prioritized leaving her sexually unsatisfying marriage behind so she could at least enjoy some better sex before she died.


She clearly wanted to make the most of the little time she had left.

Soon after, she passed on.

The Sexual Problems Started Many Years Back

In the podcast, she admitted that sexual problems started even before she had her first cancer bout. Even then, she was thinking of ways to improve her sex life.

However, cancer disrupted her plans.

dying woman with terminal cancer leaves husband to find better sex before she dies

That at least calms down some of those who thought the woman was being unfair for breaking her marriage at such a critical time in her life.

This lady clearly needed fulfillment, and she was not getting it in her marriage. Asking for sexual satisfaction in a marriage should not be too much to ask.

Unfortunately, that must have hurt her husband, who will now have to deal with the reputation of being an unsatisfying spouse for a long time to come.


He not only had to deal with losing his wife to terminal cancer but also the accusation that he was really bad in bed.

It's also interesting to imagine how people would have taken the story if the genders were reversed.

I don't suppose lots of men would get admiration for abandoning their wives to have sex with random women after discovering they have terminal cancer.

Hopefully, the woman got the satisfaction she was looking for before she died. It seems that a fulfilling sex life was higher on her bucket list than preserving her marriage.