Dying Truck Driver Uses Final Breaths To Save School Children After Bus Crash

Dying Truck Driver Uses Final Breaths To Save School Children After Bus Crash

In 2020, a truck driver was involved in an accident with a school bus. Johnathon Grayer had rented the truck, and the bus had ten kids in it when the accident happened.

The man turned out to be a hero. He managed to rescue the kids from the bus despite the suffering he was going through.

His injuries only proved overwhelming for him after he had saved all the kids from the bus.

Grayer Was Only 25

Dying Truck Driver Uses Final Breaths To Save School Children After Bus Crash

The truck driver lived with his parents, Veronica and Isaiah. According to his mom, Grayer was a man of a pure heart.

On that fateful day, he was driving his rental pickup truck. The school bus had stopped on the road to allow some kids to get off, but he had not noticed.

So, he could not stop in time, and he crashed right into its rear.

Rather than cry for help or freeze, not knowing what to do, Grayer overlooked his injuries and managed to get himself off the ruined rental truck.

He was in a lot of pain, but he ensured he helped the kids escape danger. Fortunately, none of the kids died due to the accident.

Still, 12 kids had to go to the hospital, but none had any life-threatening injuries.

Officials Spoke Of The Incident

Dying Truck Driver Uses Final Breaths To Save School Children After Bus Crash

Tyler Beach, the Bacon County fire and EMS compliance officer, said that the accident was one of a kind:

"We've had other accidents and tragedies and things like that in the past, but this one… had you shaken the most out of all of them."

Grayer was not the only one trying to save the schoolchildren. Jerry Sweat, the school bus driver, also worked with him.

They would lift seats to rescue the children trapped under them. Thanks to their team effort, each kid was saved from the bus.

Fortunately, the driver managed to survive his injuries after he was rushed to the hospital.

Shane Copeland, CPL, said that Grayer must have been running on adrenaline before his "body gave out."

Governor Brian Kemp sent prayers, condolences, and good thoughts to his family and friends. The governor tweeted about the accident, which he described as "terrible news."

Kemp said they were praying for the driver and the school children who got injured during the accident.

His Mother Spoke About Him

Grayer's mother said that people were saying that her son had "just ripped the whole seat out the bus with the child."

He also told a child they would go get ice cream, and the parents later said that the kid asked them where the man who took him off the bus was because they "were supposed to get ice cream."

His father, Isaiah, said that he felt that his son's death had served a divine purpose because he collapsed as soon as he was done saving the kids. According to Isaiah, it was like God told him, "You did what I wanted you to do."

Although it was tragic for the family to lose their son in such a heartbreaking way, they have found solace in the fact that he was so selfless in his last moments in this world.

Once Grayer had rescued every child from the bus, he was overcome by his injuries. He collapsed, and although he was quickly rushed to the hospital, he died from his injuries.

His family prayed for the children on the bus, and they were also grateful for the kind words and condolences they got after losing one of their family members.