Dunkin' Store Manager Punches, Kills Elderly Customer Who Allegedly Called Him A Racial Slur: Police

Dunkin’ Store Manager Punches, Kills Elderly Customer Who Allegedly Called Him A Racial Slur: Police

Police recently arrested a Dunkin' employee from Florida after he killed a customer.

Allegedly, the elderly customer succumbed to the injuries the punch caused to his head. Corey Pujols, 27, fought with a 77-year-old customer at the Tampa-based Dunkin' location.

Police were called to rescue the man after he was found unconscious. According to the media, the man was also bleeding from his head.


Later, the man passed away while in hospital, receiving intensive care. After an autopsy was performed afterward, it was discovered that he had died of a skull fracture and brain contusions resulting from blunt force trauma to the head.

When the deadly altercation happened, the customer expressed dissatisfaction with the service he had received during a drive-thru at Dunkin'. An employee then requested him to leave.


However, the man decided to go inside. While inside, he got into an argument with Pujols, who was the store manager at the time.

The Man Called The Employee A Racial Slur Twice

According to Pujols, the man is a regular customer. However, during this argument, he called him a racial slur.

Apparently, Pujols asked him to say the slur again, and after he did, he punched him in the face.


The slur that caused the violent response was revealed in the police report. However, Pujols punched the man once.

The Man Hit His Head On The Concrete Floor

After the punch, the man fell backward, and during the fall, his head hit the concrete floor.

There was surveillance footage showing Pujols punch the man. It is also clear that the man's head hit the floor.

It does not seem like the elderly man touched Pujols at any point during the argument.


Initially, the store manager was arrested and charged with the battery of a person older than 65. However, he was released a day later after paying a $2,000 bail.

Unfortunately, a few days later, he was arrested for a second time on fresh charges after the old man succumbed to the injuries he suffered due to the punch.

During his second arrest, he was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a person older than 65. Currently, Pujols is in jail without bail.