Dumb Mistakes Women Make When We Like A Guy Way Too Much

Dumb Mistakes Women Make When We Like A Guy Way Too Much

For us women, and for the guys as well, I think liking someone means wanting to spend all of our time beside them with the hopes that a relationship will form. But women can take things to ridiculously misguided heights; and here are some ways this happens.

1. We Forget Our Deal Breakers

Before we meet a guy, we have a list of things we would consider deal-breakers. For instance, you don't want a misogynist, a smoker, and so forth. But once we like a guy and later realize he has all these flaws, we forget about them as we are afraid we will never find someone better. Why is that?

2. We Shun Other Potentials Despite Him Not Committing

We have decided not to see someone else, even though he has not committed and he sometimes goes silent for days. What if he ends up being the wrong person for us?

3. We Ditch Our Friends

This happens a lot. As soon as we find a new guy, we suddenly have no time for friends. There was a time we loved spending time with them, but now that there is a guy in our lives, that no longer means anything. But this is wrong, and we should realize that it's these friends who will be there to pick up the pieces if the guy turns out to be a heart breaker.

4. Giving Too Much Too Soon

It's rare to find a guy we have chemistry with. Consequently, when it finally happens, we make the best of the opportunity. But in our optimism, we hold nothing back, and without protecting our hearts or even our minds, we put everything on the line.

5. We Change In Order Not To Be Turn Offs

When we like someone, we want them to like us too. And that's okay. But what's not okay is trying to change who we are in order to be liked, such as changing our diet choices or wearing makeup and clothes we don't even like. But shouldn't we be real with the person who is right for us?

6. We Lose Our Single Girl Joys To The Relationship

After meeting this guy, our lives revolve all around him. When not together, we are on the phone texting or calling, or sending pictures and discussing him with those around us. Before then, we were out and about doing what we love. But suddenly independence and all its joys are pushed to the background. Why is that?

7. We Are Blind To The Bad Signs

When we like the guy, we focus entirely on the good – how cute he is, how much fun he is, and so forth. So, when issues like a short temper are revealed, we ignore them, which is obviously a terrible mistake.

8. We Compare Ourselves To His Exes

After seeing photos of his ex on social media and other places, and we realize there are some differences, we wonder why he even likes us. But this is obviously a waste of time and energy. Why should it matter what his ex looked like?

9. We Make Our Lives Revolve Around Him

Why can't we let him fit into our lives? Instead, we find ways to fit into his schedule, being readily available when he is off work, ditching friends and family to be with him and so forth. This is crazy, and it needs to stop.

10. We Blame Ourselves When Our Feelings Are Not Reciprocated

He might decide he is not ready for a relationship, or he might end up with someone else. We think that this means there is something wrong with us, that maybe we are not good enough. But sometimes, things just don't work out, and it's usually for the best. It does not mean there is something wrong with us.