Dude Got Nauseated Real Quick After Making Out With A Girl!

dude got nauseated real quick after making out with a girl!

Can you remember your first kiss? Of course you do, who could forget. For some, it was a magical moment that made their hearts race and made the hairs on the backs of their necks rise.

For others, it was nothing special. It was nothing more than puckering up and swapping spit.

Then we have other folks who recall the horrifying moment with dread.

Maybe the person you kissed almost knocked you out with bad breath caused by the disgusting aftertaste of whatever smelly meal they had last.

This latter scenario is similar to what a guy went through when he kissed a girl in a heated erotic moment.

For real, the guy nearly passed out after making out with a girl. But that's expected when you taste another man's junk on her as you lock lips.

The Kiss Was "Unforgettable"

In a perfect world, you never forget a kiss for one simple reason: it was too good to put into words. But for this guy, the kiss was unforgettable because it was intolerable.

The poor guy couldn't handle it. And we can't blame him considering the circumstances.

The kiss barely lasted three seconds, but that was more than enough time to change the guy from being an aroused and eager performer into a sick man with barely enough time to find a safe place to blow chunks.

Kissing makes you lose yourself to the moment, usually in a way that makes us want to get more intimate.

In fact, the right kiss makes you feel more attached to the person, improves your attractiveness, lowers stress, and gets you totally turned on.

For this guy, the complete opposite happened.

The brief kiss left him sick to his stomach. He was so nauseated that he had to almost immediately use his hands to close his mouth and keep the puke from exploding all over the place.

But soon enough, he was on all fours vomiting: his senses couldn't handle the unexpected assault.

We can learn something from this: kissing can have profound negative effects on you.

In other words, a terrible kiss is just as powerful as a good kiss.

Here's the video of the guy getting a kiss he will probably not forget in this lifetime. We'll leave it up to you to decide if it's funny or not.