Drunk Girl Puts In Admirable Effort Trying To Stay Upright, Does Full-On Michael Jackson Moonwalk (VIDEO)

drunk girl puts in admirable effort trying to stay upright, does full-on michael jackson moonwalk (video)

Being drunk is far from fun.

We've all walked in those shoes in our youth, and the experience is not worth the recommendation.

The perk of these modern times that we live in is the fact that anything could be recorded or documented.

So, beware when you're going on your day drinking date with your friends. You never know in which condition you'll be getting out of the bar, and the most important: who would see (and record) your hidden talents!

See how this girl left the country music concert over in Pittsburgh, and think twice before you drink too much.

All Those Hidden Talents

You could never know how talented you are or which talents you have because sometimes, being sober doesn't help.

Then, you get drunk, and you could finally put it to the test.

Do you end up singing an opera? Whine and cry?

Well, some people are just lucky.

Some Never Give Up

Meanwhile, a video of a drunk girl trying to do her best saw the light of the day. And people can't believe what their eyes are seeing.

While some people would start crawling or would just give up and lie down like a little ball of fur, others would keep fighting. And would never give up!

Well, this girl put so much effort to stay balanced and get from point A to point B.

And she did it!

Kudos & Applause

She struggled to stay on her feet. At some point, she even started walking backward.

All of this could mean nothing, of course. But since her walking is similar to Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Dance, we could guess that some people are lucky to own such talent while being drunk.

Well done dear girl, you've made it!

Kids, Don't Try This At Home

All jokes aside, we hope that the girl is safe and sober.

It's okay to get drunk from time to time, but let's not make it a habit.

And of course - don't drink and drive, take care of yourselves.