Drunk Driving: A Social And Legal Problem

Driving on the roads must be done with great responsibility. It involves putting the lives of other people at risk. But despite all the rules and laws, it is observed that every year, a number of people lose their lives due to accidents that occur due to drunk driving on the roads.

Drunk driving also causes a number of injuries that can later haunt people with their lives. So, basically, drunk driving is the driving that people do when they have some alcoholic drink to drink while they are out on the roads.


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Legal Implications of Drunk Driving

The penalties and punishments for drunk driving or driving under the use of substances can be really bad if legally seen closely. Now, there is one thought that comes to everyone's mind, which is why people go that route when they already know the consequences of drunk driving.


But if we look at the legal implications, these are far more than just the driver. If we look closely, it must be noticed that the threat of a drunk driver on the road is not just confined to him but also can be pretty bad for the passengers and the other people on the road.

If legally seen, there are certain punishments assigned to tackle people crossing such lines. It includes heavy fines, arrests, and license suspension that can make people think twice before crossing such lines.


Also, it must be kept in mind that these drunk-while-driving cases can become a part of your record, which can prove to be pretty bad for you in the future when it comes to employment issues, can limit your housing options, and even restrict your travel options.

Public Health and Drunk Driving

There is a big threat to the health of the public as far as drunk driving is concerned. Every time someone decides to drive under the influence on the roads, they'll cause danger not only to their own safety but to all those who are on the road driving peacefully. Drunk driving is responsible for a significant number of traffic-related deaths and injuries yearly.


Now, these accidents are not just confined to a house; these affect whole communities and the public, which is linked to the connection of roads and accidents. From the perspective of public health, it can be seen that driving under the influence is quite multi-dimensional.

Now, if seen closely, the incidents impact not only the ones who are dealing with the trauma but also the ones who live with them, as in their families and friends that later go on to the public overall.


Social Implications of Drunk Driving

The trail that is left after an accident by the drunk driver does not ever end at the person who was involved in the accident. It extends, and the financial, emotional, and physical impact can be seen on society overall, not just the person dealing with the accident.

There are some of the societal costs that come with the drunk driving cases. Let's have a look at them.


Healthcare Costs

The healthcare system always charges a lot of money for the ones that need treatment in the case of drunk driving cases. There are a lot of costs that are associated with the medical facilities availed by people overall. These can be in the form of surgeries, rehabilitation, or staying in the medical facilities overall.

Insurance Costs


The consequences in terms of finances can be pretty bad when it comes to dealing with drunk driving cases. The costs incurred by insurance companies as they pay out claims connecting to accidents concerning drunk drivers will be handed over to their customers in the form of higher premiums.

Psychological Costs

There are a lot of psychological costs that come with drunk driving in societies where there are too many drunk driving accidents, it can be seen that the people who become used to the accidents tend to feel safe as far as their safety is concerned.


There can be increased fear in people, and they can hesitate to go out on the roads like they used to.

Legal Costs

While processing the cases of drunk driving there is a good amount of legal cost that one has to pay. When it comes to the court proceedings, the correctional facilities, and the cost of the law enforcement personnel there can be a good amount that can be increased.



In conclusion, drunk driving cases can be very real and can impact a person legally a lot. As far as the legal implications are concerned, these cases do impact the society as well. So, there needs to be a lot of consideration when it comes to cases like drunk driving.