Driver Is Slammed By Five-year-old For Shocking Parking Act

The outspoken five-year-old girl criticized her fitness enthusiast neighbors for parking their vehicle on a residential sidewalk, alleging that it obstructed children from cycling.

Jordan and Brandon Abou-Ghaida, who are twin brothers from Sydney, posted a funny conversation to their two million TikTok followers.

"My 5yr old neighbour absolutely blasted me for parking on the footpath" the caption reads.

In the video, a black Jeep that belongs to one of the brothers is seen parked on the sidewalk in front of their home in suburban Sydney.

Approximately 30 minutes later, a high-pitched voice can be heard from the garage exterior, where the brothers have created a temporary gym and are working out.

"Oi mate," Harper's voice can be heard saying.

"Why'd you park your car there? kids might wanna ride their bikes."

Subsequently, one of the brothers clarifies that he had no alternative since the driveway was occupied at the time.

However, the young girl remains unconvinced by his reasoning and persistently advocates for the children in the neighborhood.

As one of the brothers makes a jest about children being able to "bunny hop over the car" while cycling, Harper responds with a retort.

"I'll kick his roof off," she says.

"Good way to get a scratch."

The man playfully requests that the five-year-old move the car for him if he hands over the keys to her.

"Do you know how to dive?" he asks

However, Harper refuses to entertain the suggestion saying "Of course not mate!"

"I thought you were 18," he says. "You're a wise soul."

Following a series of debates regarding the car's placement on the sidewalk, Harper diverts the conversation to an entirely different topic.

"Do you like my nails?" she asks.

"Yeah the're pretty as," the man replies.

"You're a princess now."

The humorous conversation did not last long, as Harper kept attacking her neighbors.

This causes the two men to burst into laughter.

The little girl received admiration from her TikTok followers for her bravery and humorous personality, with one labeling her an "iconic queen."

Back in 2015, they purchased their first plot of land in the suburbs for $500,000 and constructed a house. As a result, they formed a friendship with Harper's parents, who reside next door.

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