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Drinking Champagne With Your French Fries Is The Best Combo You Really Need

Drinking Champagne With Your French Fries Is The Best Combo You Really Need

Pairing wine and food have a reputation for being something only the experts can handle. But sparkling wines, such as champagne, are often known to pair pretty well with popular dishes. Wine experts have recently claimed that a combination of champagne and French fries is one of the best.

So, if you want to take things a little bit up a notch, you definitely need to start ordering a side of fries with that Dom Perignon.


1. French Fries Are So Delicious

The most crucial point is that everyone loves french fries. Regardless of your choice of topping or dipping sauce, fries go well with almost every meal. And among all the accompaniments to your fries, champagne is the killer drink you should go for.

2. The Champagne Fries Combo Comes from the Experts

In an interview with The Drinks Business, Marie-Christine Osselin, Moët & Chandon's wine quality communication manager, said that French fries and champagne are a match made in heaven.


According to Osselin, French fries are good with the drink because they're crispy, salty, and fatty. All this goes perfectly with the high acidity and fine bubbles in champagne.

She also recommends that the fries you enjoy with a glass of champagne shouldn't be complicated. So, don't combine the wine with disco or monster fries, or anything else too complicated.

Regardless of whether the cuisine is high-brow or low-brow, Osselin insists simplicity is the key


Osselin explained:

"Champagne is a wine that asks for simple ingredients, no more than three."

3. It's Not Exactly A New Concept, Though

The fries champagne combo isn't entirely a new thing. Sylvan, a restaurant in New Orleans' French Quarter, has been serving this cuisine for quite some time now.

Available at two prices, $50 and $90, it is one of their most popular dishes in the restaurant. The owner of Sylvain, Sean McCusker, remembers a friend telling him about the combo and being unconvinced. He then tried it, and it came out perfectly.


In an interview with Eater, McCusker recalled:

"The next afternoon, a friend and I hit Les Halles where Anthony Bourdain was the chef and was making what I thought were the best fries in NYC. "

"We ordered a plate and a bottle of champagne. We each grabbed a fry, stuck it in our mouths, and followed it with a gulp of champagne, and it was a revelation."

"Right there I said that if I ever had a restaurant, I'd put that combo on the menu even if nobody ever ordered it. Thankfully they do."


4. Other Wine Experts Also Agrees with Osselin

Food & Wine's long-time wine editor, Ray Isle, also agrees that French fries and champagne are just perfect.

Isle told Food & Wine

"I've been saying this for years, as have many, many sommeliers. Basically, salt and fat plus high acid and bubbles equal a great combo."


"Fries, potato chips, hell, fried pork rinds would work too."

"But I don't think you're going to get the folks at Moët to suggest pairing their champagne with fried pork rings that are too down-home for them, for sure."

The next time you want to class up your favorite order, just swing by the store and pick up a bottle of bubbly. Your fries will taste a lot classier with champagne than a cup of Mountain Dew.