Dreaming About Someone You Never Met (Fully Explained)

You dreamed of a man, who happens to be real and from your town, serving you grapes and fanning you with palm leaves.

It was fantastic, and you felt a genuine connection with him.

Upon waking from the dream, you realized you had never actually met him.

What is its significance?

Discover the meaning of dreaming about someone you have never met in real life by reading further.


Dreaming about people we haven't met is intriguing, but what lies behind its symbolism?

Why do these unknown real people enter our minds and dreams?

Examine the potential reasons:

1. You Have a Connection

Dreaming of someone without prior thought may indicate a connection.

In deep sleep, the brain can create dreams of someone, whether it's a crush or a childhood friend.

Dreams are believed by many to have deeper, hidden meanings in the words and actions of people, beyond real life.

2. They Are Meant To Be In Your Life

Dreams may feature people meant to be in your life, according to some beliefs.

Dreaming of someone you know from your daily life or heard of from others may indicate a subconscious desire to meet them.

Dreams communicate to you, guiding you to fulfill your destiny.

3. They Are Your Soulmate

Some people believe the strangers in dreams could be a soulmate, a destined companion.

This is a common belief in many romantic dreams. The soul, but not always the conscious mind, may recall a past love from numerous lifetimes and seek its mate in dreams.

4. You Are Kindred Spirits

Dreams may bring you face-to-face with some of your like-minded individuals.

This results in the familiar but unplaceable feeling of knowing someone you've never met.

Kindred souls may include past life friends, family, or rivals, not just a romantic soulmate.

5. The Person Is Thinking About You

A person you haven't met appearing in a dream may mean they are thinking of you.

The reason for their thoughts, whether romantic, painful, or simply physiological, is based on their perception of you and is unknown, as you have not met yet.

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Alternatively, a boy who grew up near you could now be a man, still holding onto the hope of finding and making you a part of his life as a spouse.

6. A Witch Put a Spell On You

A wise owl understands the importance of considering multiple perspectives before making a choice or taking action. This is why they're known to have the ability to turn their heads 360 degrees according to a small bird.

And that's why it's important to consider the possibility that the person in your dream who you've never met in reality may be a witch.

Whether the witch wants your soul or just wants to get closer to you by invading your dreams while you're unconscious depends on the witch and their motive for being interested in you.

7. You Are the One In Their Dream (Not the Other Way Around)

Sometimes, you are the one appearing in someone else's dream, not the other way around.

In this case, either you've entered their dream space uninvited or they've summoned you there.

It's possible that your soul entered the person's dream, especially if they're a soulmate or kindred spirit.

8. The Person Is Astral Traveling

People often lack awareness when astral traveling, especially in the early stages.

You might find yourself in the dream of someone you have a crush on without realizing it.

Your soul's essence may be drawn to the dreams of its mate if the frequencies match.

9. You Are a Dreamwalker

Indigenous tribesmen and women of Native American origin knew that medicine men and women could both physically walk among them and visit them in their dreams.

To the people, these sacred medicine individuals were known as shamans who climbed the branches and roots of the tree of life to communicate with the gods and ancestors on behalf of their community.

If you frequently appear in other people's dreams (or they in yours), you might be a descendant of dream walkers.

10. You Are Curious About Them (Even If You Aren't Aware)

At times, you simply imagine someone you haven't met because you are intrigued by them.

It could be the charming blonde guy who works at the mall's food court, or the redheaded girl in your college class.

Regardless, you might dream about them because you've taken notice and have a subconscious interest (or are drawn to specific traits you've observed).


Meeting someone in a dream before in-person can result in an infinite number of possible reactions.

Some popular options are:

Searching for them on social media and researching them online.

Making direct contact with them in real life.

Inquiring with friends or acquaintances who know them.

Placing a curse on the person invading your dreams.

Bumping into them and starting a conversation by chance.

Engaging a private investigation agency to investigate the person.

Emulating a shaman and communicating with their ancestors.

Making plans for a future with the person.

Is It Possible To Dream About Someone You Don't Know?

The subconscious mind is capable of incredible feats, even those that seem unbelievable. Can you dream of someone you haven't met? It's like asking "Do bears defecate in the woods?" In the realm of dreams, anything is possible.

Who Are The People We Dream About?

In our dreams, the people we dream of are reflections of ourselves and others. Our subconscious mind can project aspects of our personality onto dream characters, but also incorporates real-life, TV, and literary figures, as well as complete strangers.

What is the Dream Interpretation For Dreaming About a Person You Never Met?

Interpreting dreams about people you've never met is subjective. Consider your emotions during the dream and upon waking up - were you drawn to the person or did they evoke fear? Answering these questions can guide you in understanding the dream.