Dr Pepper Licorice Twists Taste So Good, They Could Be Our Next Favorite Thing

Dr Pepper Licorice Twists Taste So Good, They Could Be Our Next Favorite Thing

We all know that too much sugar isn't good for our health and we shouldn't add a lot of it to our diets, but we can't deny it tastes so delicious. And in terms of candy, Dr Pepper Twists are in the lead together with Twizzlers.

So, what if we told you Dr Pepper licorice twists are a thing, and you can buy it right now? They're a delicious mix of our childhood nostalgia and tasty sugar-filled goodness that even your adult-self can still appreciate.

1. These Licorice Twists Contain Actual Dr Pepper

The Licorice Twists aren't just the usual candies that contain artificial Dr Pepper flavor. This new product is made with actual soda, and one packet of these goodies will give you a maximum taste of Dr Pepper.

If you love Dr Pepper and candy, then this is perfect! I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's delicious. It tastes a lot like Dr Pepper!

We've had Twizzlers for some time now and they are delicious too. But sometimes you just need something different: a perfect candy but with a unique flavor.

And that's where Dr Pepper licorice twists come in. They'll combine the two different things you love into one.

3. The Licorice Twist from Dr Pepper Will Be Our Next Favourite Thing

Can you imagine the taste of Sprite licorice or Diet Coke licorice? Perhaps not, although I'd definitely love the Diet Coke licorice if someone made one.

The product description states:

"Juicy, chewy licorice that tastes just like one of America's favorite sodas - Dr Pepper!"

"This pack contains around 20 candy sticks flavored with REAL Dr Pepper. There is no mistaking that taste in this candy - pick up a bag and find out for yourself today!"

Dr Pepper is that perfect tasty, zingy drink that always translates perfectly into candy form. I'm all into it.

4. You Can Get Four Bags of Dr Pepper Twists Per Order

Although a bag of Dr Pepper would satisfy your craving, if you buy them on Amazon, you'll get four bags per order.

So, you'll have extra bags of these delicious licorice twists to share with your friends. Or, you can just keep all of them to yourself and eat them as you enjoy your favorite TV show on Netflix.

5. They Won't Taste Exactly Like Soda

If you're expecting licorice twists to taste just like a Dr Pepper can, you'll probably be disappointed. But you can still experience the full soda experience without drinking an actual beverage.

Dr Pepper is a unique beverage and was created by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton from Texas in 1885. He was attempting to re-create the smell of a drugstore in Waco, where he worked. Strange, right?

Luckily, he came up with the tasty deliciousness we all love today. Some legends say that Alderton named the drink after the father of a girl he fell in love with.

The drink gained popularity after a 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, when hamburger and hot dog buns were also introduced, along with ice cream cones.