Dorcas Fapson Accidentally Uploads Nude Video She Was Sending To Her Lover, Singer Skiibii On Her Snapchat Story

Actress and musician Dorcas Shola Fapson uploaded a steamy video, but instead of sending it to singer Skiibii, she sent the story to Snapchat for all her fans to see.

The nude video was supposed to be an intimate response to the singer's "highness and ballon" message.

Dorcas' accident went viral, but there was something strange about the video.

She had to disclose that she was getting waxed and was sending the streak to Skiibii when she accidentally uploaded it on her Snapchat story.

Dorcas wrote:

"Guys, please, I was getting a wax, and I sent a streak to him that I accidentally posted to my story."

"I need the ground to swallow me up rn… byeee."

Miz DSF, as she is popularly known, has deleted social media after this innocent mistake.

If there is one thing we could learn from the Nollywood star and social media is not to post things while in the middle of doing something painful, such as waxing.

Despite deleting everything, the actress and dee jay's story got tons of screenshots since the Internet is forever.