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Doorbell Cam Catches Woman Abandoning Baby At Stranger's House

doorbell cam catches woman abandoning baby at stranger’s house

Even after the unforgettable trauma of childbirth, most moms are usually beaming with joy after seeing their adorable infants. Without a doubt, having a child is one of the best moments for many women.

The mother-to-be gets attached to her baby during pregnancy. When the baby is finally born, the bond is even stronger.

This bond and love come so naturally that people take it as a given.

However, it would seem that not all women experience these powerful maternal instincts once their babies are born. For instance, a Florida woman dropped off her baby at a stranger's house and took off.

Usually, we hear that these things happen. But this time, there is hard, spine-chilling video evidence that this unbelievable level of detachment can exist between a mother and her baby.

A doorbell camera recorded the video of this Florida woman dropping off her baby at a stranger's house at about 10:30 at night.

The woman sleeping inside got up and had a chance to look at the woman ringing the doorbell through the cam. She was a total stranger, quite distressed, and carrying a baby.

Woman Opened The Door To See What The Mother Needed

As soon as the door was opened, the woman pushed in the baby and claimed she was not in a position to take care of the baby anymore. After this brief encounter, the woman took off and left the baby behind.

However, it was clear that the mother was quite distraught. She also mentioned that the baby's father would come and pick up the baby later.

The woman had to call 911 and inform the authorities of the bizarre incident.

doorbell cam catches woman abandoning baby at stranger's house

As is usually the case in these circumstances, there was more to the story. In this case, the woman's shocking actions had plenty to do with her relationship with the baby's father.

There was even a specific reason the woman took the baby to this particular house. Apparently, the woman who answered the door and received the baby was dating the man the baby's mother was so upset with.

Authorities had a different opinion about how the lady should have handled her personal matters. Soon, she was arrested and charged with child desertion and neglect.

Here's the video as recorded by the doorbell cam.

It takes a lot for a mother to give up on her child willingly. For this particular woman, serious relationship issues with the baby's father were all it took for her to abandon her child.