Don't Take It Personally, But Here's Why Tauruses Are The Best Zodiac Sign

Don’t Take It Personally, But Here’s Why Tauruses Are The Best Zodiac Sign

All right, all right. We get that there are 12 zodiac signs and picking out one as the best among them all is bound to cause some hard feelings.

But let's hear what the astrologers have to say and why they argue that Taurus is the sign to be.

Who knows? The rest of us might learn something here. Or we can dismiss the whole thing and move on with other matters.

Let's get right down to it.

1. They'll Accept You And All Your Flaws

Who enjoys being judged? Not me. Tauruses don't judge, but they can say the brutal truth if you ask them for it. But they don't do it to be vindictive.

2. They Are Very Patient

If you think you are always messing up, then being with a Taurus might be the best thing for you. Being such great listeners, they will always understand and try to help.

3. They Are Stubborn In A Good Way

There is bad and good stubbornness, in case you didn't know. Often, Tauruses get criticized for being stubborn. But when you come to think of it, this means they won't easily give up on your mutual dreams. They will believe in you even when you don't.

4. They Are Trustworthy

Although they might seem guarded, Tauruses are very reliable and trustworthy. You can count on them.

5. You Can Understand Their Values

Taurus can tell the difference between right and wrong, and they are not afraid to take a stand. As if that is not charming enough, they never force their opinions on anyone. You find yourself on their side by your own conviction.

6. They're Honest

Tauruses are very honest, and they tell it as it is. That might sound cruel, but it's a quality we all like in those we associate with.

7. Certainty In Your Relationship

Taurus understand loyalty. They know how to stay grounded, and they feel that relationships should survive anything. Sure, they can end relationships once it's clear that's the best option, but not before giving it as many chances as necessary.

8. They Like Their Independence

Wait! Why is this a good thing? Because it means that they will constantly work to make themselves better. Who doesn't want that in a partner? Nobody wants a partner who "lets themselves go" as soon as they are in a stable relationship.

9. They Have Great Advice

Tauruses are very knowledgeable. They are also very trustworthy, and therefore very good at offering you the right advice.

10. They Are Funny

Humor is important, you know that. Tauruses are never too serious, and you will have many light moments in their presence.

11. They Have Determination

We all like people who have a direction in life. And Tauruses have that. These people know what they want, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

12. They Are Protective

A Taurus places a lot of importance on the relationships they have with others. Once they commit to you, they will never let anyone hurt you and they will defend you no matter what.

13. They Stand Their Ground

When everyone else seems to lose their minds, Tauruses can stay calm and collected. That means they can stay focused even when there is a lot of drama going on. Imagine all that maturity!

14. They Like Good Lives

We all want the best life has to offer, and so do Tauruses. They always offer quality and will make you feel special. They also choose partners because they meet their standards.

Wow! No wonder they are called the best zodiac sign. But the lesson here is simple, if you are not a Taurus, make sure you have one in your life.