Don't Settle Until You Find A Guy That Does Every Single One Of These Things

Don’t Settle Until You Find A Guy That Does Every Single One Of These Things

We all know that no soul is perfect in this world. Everybody carries their fair share of flaws, imperfections, and blemishes. Therefore, you should not expect to meet a guy who does not have some flaws and imperfections in one way or another.

This should not mean that you settle with a guy who makes you stressed or unhappy, either. You deserve to be treated like a lady- with respect and love.

He does not "fix" your problems

When you are dating, and you start venting about the things and people causing issues, your man should not only offer solutions but a listening ear too because, in many cases, you just want a person who listens to you and validates how you are feeling. He should support you, and this will establish a stronger bond between you.

When he feels like offering advice, he asks if you would like some advice on the way to handle the matter. He does not force his opinions on you about your issues but gives them willingly when you want them.

He sets and obeys your boundaries

When in a good relationship, an ideal guy will set boundaries, and he will try to know what your boundaries are too. A real man will draw a line and let his lady know precisely what he will and will not accept from the relationship.

You should also let him know about your boundaries. He will adhere to those boundaries if he respects and loves you. After all, you do not want a man who will just walk all over you.

When a guy is in a serious relationship, he will let you know what he does not like. For instance, if you like teasing him and he does not appreciate it, he will calmly let you know precisely what he does not tolerate. This will show that he really wants the relationship to work.

He does not take the relationship for granted

Guys will, in most cases, put effort and energy into getting you. However, they back off when they have you. They may stop taking you on those fun dates and pay little attention to you as time progresses. This may make you feel underappreciated and resentful.

An ideal guy will continue putting in effort and energy into that relationship that he worked so hard to get. He will surprise you with small gifts, messages, and phone calls, this will tell you how much he appreciates you. He will continue taking you on fun dates and making new experiences together.

He washes the dishes more often

Yeah, the dishes. A good guy does not care if he cooked or not. Cleaned the previous night or not. He doesn't care if he's just visiting you, and there are dishes in your sink. He cleans it up.

This is because he will be contributing to someone else's life through doing something which you might be struggling to find time to do, or maybe you have been ignoring it, or perhaps you just don't like doing it.

He might not like to do it either, but why should he? This is because a caring partner will put in the effort for the girl that he cares about.