Don't Settle Until You Find A Guy Like This

Don’t Settle Until You Find A Guy Like This

Finding a guy that matches up your preferences is an easy task if you are keen enough on the features that set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

A good guy should have outstanding features that make them a unique kind of breed and this should show immediately in the way they talk to you, how they react to your questions, and the responses they give during a conversation. A good guy is one that is truly open about themselves and should possess the characteristics that are listed out below.


Confidence is one outstanding characteristic of guys that is hidden beneath the silent gazes they give the people around them. If they are staring around in the open, then the look in their eyes will show confidence and a daring approach to others. A confident guy is strong and able to keep you warm and emotionally protected. Finding a confident partner makes sense.


Comfortability is another important factor that should be treated cautiously when looking for a partner. Are they able to hold you in public, by placing their hands around your shoulder and giving you looks that openly show they have feelings towards you? Are they able to stay with you for long enough to leave that wispy imprint of their affection? If this is the case, then that person that has internal warmth and offers comfort will be the one that will keep you company.


Being happy is immense in depth and breadth which is the reason most people will opt for that cheerful person that knows how true happiness augments their lives. A happy person in your life will also jolt you into getting active, and you will even be able to follow along with their jokes. In many situations, the happy approach to life is that strength that gives the partner the ability to be strong and resilient enough to provide you with a place to rest when you feel tired and lonely. As you go for the person bringing happiness, be sure to have a bit of it in you to make the connection and fill your universe with bliss.

It is not easy to find the really good guys and in life people often go to great lengths to find that someone they will come to love and appreciate. With the signals and cues to watch out for when in search of a guy you like, deciding on a life partner is made much more comfortable, and you don't have to try too hard in landing yourself the right partner. The characteristics listed above are distinguishable from what any ordinary person possesses and with this in mind, you will be more likely to find yourself a good guy that will cheer you up and leave you happy.