Don't Settle For Someone Who Picks When To Pay Attention To You

Don’t Settle For Someone Who Picks When To Pay Attention To You

Don't sell yourself short. Instead of Mr. Good Enough, choose to be with someone whose world will revolve around you.

Mr. Right may not look like your dream man, or have an ideal career, but he will pay attention to you, in a respectful and meaningful way.

If you choose to settle, you're giving up on love. And you deserve it, and everything it implies. Having someone who will be your equal to sharing life and going through a tough time.


Real love's a package deal, so no matter how much you don't think real love exists right now, give yourself more time.

Why do we settle

You know it's terrible, yet you're thinking about settling for something less. Why? Pressure from others, as well as fear of being alone, are the primary reasons we choose to be with people who aren't good enough for us.


Some of them have full control over your relationship, so you're pretty much at their disposal. Perhaps you felt too much pain too many times before, and now you're ready to devote your life to someone who's not worthy.

Ultimately, the only person who doesn't get to experience everything that honest, deep emotional connection brings, is you.

Fear of not being enough

Many people, women, in particular, choose partners who aren't good for them because they believe they don't deserve better. If you're one of them, you should just work on loving yourself.


You need to try and understand what made you think that you don't deserve to have it all. Why would you want to be with a guy if you're not his first choice? Or if he's only texting you when it suits him? The fear of being not good enough, plus the pressure women experience once they reach a certain age, is a toxic combination.

Still, despite having to face social stigma due to your solo status, it's cheaper and less traumatic than divorce. It's a depressing thought, but it's also a wake-up call. Others don't get to make decisions regarding your love life. And your feelings of not being enough aren't the reason to throw a good portion of life away.


Pick a guy, but make sure he picks you as well

Real love cannot be one-sided. If you think you found someone worth keeping around for a long time, you need to know he feels the same way. If he ignores you, or you feel like he's emotionally neglecting you, during any time of your relationship, he's not the one.


Trust your instincts and open your eyes wide. Perhaps the guy you thought Mr. Right was someone you had to meet before discovering the love of your life. At least now you know what you don't want out of a relationship, so you're one step closer to getting all the attention and love you need.

You don't need just anyone

Maybe he's convenient, or you are exhausted from waiting and dating. Here's the thing: you're perfectly capable of being solo. You shouldn't need anyone to complete you.


Why would you settle for something that's not true or real? Or, why would you give your heart to someone merely because they were in the right place?

Your heart is not a toy. And you know that we only have one life. That is the main reason why settling is an awful idea. If you do that one mistake now, you will miss out on everything that was coming your way.


Before you make a choice, make sure that you're on the same page and that you two have a solid ground to build a good life. Otherwise, you're wasting your precious time or worse, settling for someone who's clearly not made for you.