Don't Settle For Someone Who Picks And Chooses When To Pay Attention To You

Don’t Settle For Someone Who Picks And Chooses When To Pay Attention To You

We've all dated a guy who goes from Prince Charming to a heartless jerk in a matter of seconds. One moment he's bathing you in attention and next he won't even respond to a text.

Whatever the reason is for him acting this way - you don't deserve this. And you shouldn't ever settle for someone who picks and chooses when to pay attention to you.

Double-Faced At Its Finest

It seems like your relationship is going just fine and you are getting all the right signs of attention. And then they stop altogether.

You start wondering: "Did I do something wrong?" or "Was it something I said?". But in reality, it was neither.

Then he comes back to his usual ways and everything is back to normal, then guess what's next? Yup, back to the silent treatment.

Eventually, this roller-coaster becomes exhausting to the point where you start doubting whether you are good enough. This results in a bad mood, poor judgment, and energy withdrawal.

You don't know why he is doing this to you and what you should do next? Where is the "exit" sign when you need it?

The Ugly Truth

I am sorry, but this one is going to hurt: if he only loves you sometimes, he doesn't actually love you at all.

A committed relationship means that you have to put in work and people, who engage in one, usually accept the responsibilities associated with it. By that logic, a person who is only available for a relationship sometimes is just playing.

He sure can have his reasons to not emotionally invest in your connection. But what does this have to do with you?

You deserve to be noticed and heard. Period.

If he can't handle the real you - what is the point to keep him around? No matter how strong your love is, it cannot also serve as a reason to disrespect yourself.

Better Be Alone Than With Whoever

The fear of being alone sometimes overpowers our rational thinking and causes us to disregard our own feelings and emotions. Trust me, I've been there.

But being alone is not even remotely as bad as being in a toxic, one-sided relationship.

Of course, relationships don't automatically mean giving each other one hundred percent of the time. But they do mean being sincerely interested in one another and paying appropriate respect to your partner's thoughts and concerns.

Start by valuing yourself the way you deserve to be valued and act accordingly. If that helps - write a list of everything you consider your strong characteristics or good qualities.

Whenever you are feeling unworthy of something - look back to that list just to remind yourself of how incredibly amazing you are. And it goes without saying, that your partner has to be equally amazing.

Don't Settle For Less Than You Deserve

It's tough out there, without a doubt. Finding a partner who will match with you on the emotional level and treat you the way you should be treated is a challenge.

But the good news is - as long as you know how much you are actually worth, you will not spend any more time on the ones who don't appreciate your value.

Simple as that: don't settle for someone who picks and chooses when to pay attention to you, because you very much deserve attention every minute of every day.