Don't Settle For Shitty Coffee, Shitty Friendships, And Shitty Partners

Don’t Settle For Shitty Coffee, Shitty Friendships, And Shitty Partners

These days, there seems to be a lot of people willing to encourage you to tolerate mediocrity by telling you to relax, go with the flow, chill out, take it easy, and so forth. The truth is that not every situation should be taken with such lightness if you want more out of this life, which I bet you do.

Sure, settling left and right and having low expectations can relieve you of stress and anxiety, at least in the short run, but true happiness will come from going after what you really want. You should never make any compromises when it comes to some things. You have to put up a fight if you want them to work out for you.

Anyone telling you to lower your expectations does not have your best interests at heart. Everyone has their own standards, and no one should impose their own on you. As far as some life goals are concerned, you should let your heart be your guide, as that is the only sure way to the happiness you want out of life.

This starts with you worrying less about what people think. If you are afraid to come off as being "too much" then you are in for a world of frustration and sadness.

If the person you truly are is pushing people away, then let it be. The people who will bring you joy are those who can understand or accept who you are. You have to be true to yourself to be happy, and you have to let the world know what kind of treatment you need from those you keep close to cultivate healthy relationships.

Your life should be surrounded by things that make you happy, and you should not tolerate shallow relationships and mediocrity from people just to keep them around. The thing is – whatever you want out of life, you will get. But only if you seek it.

If you want people who make your life fulfilling, then you will find these kinds of people if you are ready to take the bold step and stop pretending to be someone else just to keep up appearances. Embrace who you are and life will give you the people who actually deserve a place in it.

Obviously, you are not without your limits – everyone has them. Over such things, you should not worry yourself too much. The things you cannot change should not be your concern. This includes people's opinions.

Remember one thing, people will have an opinion about you regardless of who you are. The only person you can effectively control is yourself, not other people.

Therefore, you make the call on how your life should turn out.

After knowing this, you should not settle for sloppy friends, sloppy lovers, sloppy coffees, and any other shitty things life throws your way. Stay away from people who only seek you when they need your help.

Get out of relationships that add no value to your life and avoid toxic people who offer you no inspiration to grow.

You only live once. So, you might as well make the best of life and live it to the fullest.