Don't Settle For Random Loves When You Deserve Magic

Don’t Settle For Random Loves When You Deserve Magic

In an era of instant hookups and lack of commitment, strive for magic. You know you deserve it, so don't compromise or settle until you find the one who'll make you see the world in all the brightest colors.

You deserve real dates

Netflix and chill are fine, but those aren't actual dates. Real ones are fancy, and you have butterflies just by thinking about them.

Proper dates include your guy picking you up, giving you a flower, whisking you away to a particular place, and flirting all night long. Steamy nights and sweet mornings are all part of the package.

The art of dating goes beyond random hookups and ordering in.

You deserve conversations, not emojis

We live in a world of emojis and short texts. Sometimes, they are a necessity due to busy work schedules. But other times, you should get real conversations and beautiful, well-written messages.

No one should treat you as an option because you're not one. You're the goal, the one that deserves the stars and the moon. And the least your guy can do is have conversations with you, listen to you, and confide in you.

You deserve his undivided attention

If he cannot give you his full attention, he shouldn't be part of your life.

You should come first, and your feelings are valid. It's not too much to ask for someone to be present when they are with you and give you the same attention as they do with their male friends.

You're not a one night stand or his Tinder pickup. Don't let him treat you like you are anything but magnificent!

You deserve someone who'll wake up and be grateful for you

No matter how much you love a guy, unless he wakes up being grateful he found you, he's not good enough. He's not Mister Right, more likely just Mister Right Now.

He's happy when you two are alone, and he's excited to take you out. He adores your mind and accepts you fully. Not only is he in love with you, but he feels like he met his other half. And he's not afraid to let everyone know you're that person.

You deserve someone who knows how to love

Not all adults are mature enough to understand the meaning of love.

Falling in love is easy, but loving a person is an entirely different dimension. When you genuinely love, you don't hide it, you always have the other person in the back of your mind, and instead of thinking of yourself only, you think what's best for the two of you.

If a guy can't listen or is emotionally detached, he's not yours. You can't change him, and that's fine. But if he truly is the one for you, he'll make you a priority, and you'll never feel lonely again.

You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.

You don't deserve someone unsure of their feelings

Is he confused? Is it not the right time? Excuses, excuses…

You deserve a guy who's always coming back for more. Someone ready for you, someone who can't help but fall madly in love with you over and over again.

Most of all, you deserve someone who only loves you more as time goes by. Someone who makes you realize that love is anything but painful. In fact, love is pure magic.