Don't Settle For Less Than Someone Who Texts "Good Morning" Every Day

Don’t Settle For Less Than Someone Who Texts “good Morning” Every Day

Believe it or not, I understand what dating people who consistently fall short can feel like. Being stood up and not getting the respect you deserve can make you feel like you will never find a caring and loving person to call your own.

Deep down, you know that you want more out of a relationship. You want something real. You want love, security and, the assurance of being with someone who genuinely loves you and cares about you.


That is why you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who will text to say "good morning" every morning.

This is someone who thinks about you the first thing in the morning and wants to reach out as soon as they get up.

That should not be too much to ask. You should be with someone who is truly honest about their feelings for you, someone who wants to give you their all, including their heart and soul.


The days of worrying and thinking too much about what might be going on when you are not around should be a thing of the past once you find the right person.

The right person should willingly make you a priority in your relationship. They should want you to be part of their lives.

The least you deserve is a person who is kind and thoughtful and makes your needs a priority. This should be someone who listens and wants to know about your day. To them, "how was your day" is not something they say to be polite.


Be with someone who genuinely appreciates your strengths.

They should feel proud of your achievements, character, beauty, and intelligence and accept you in every possible way, regardless of your flaws.

We should all date someone who never stops thinking about us.

That is why you should be with someone who reaches out and asks, good morning, to know how you are doing and how your night has been. To this person, you are clearly the first thing on their minds when they wake up and the last thing on their minds when they go to sleep.


Throughout the day, this person will think of you and want to keep in touch.

This is the person you should date because it proves to you that you are the only one they want in their lives. Dating someone interested in other people can be a chore and can seriously ruin your self-esteem.

Such a relationship will only feed your fears and doubts because what they care about the most is their ego and not your needs.


The right person to date should never put you in a position where you feel insecure about the relationship.

In all their conduct towards you, such people want you to feel love, assurance, honesty, and loyalty. The only thing they want you to know is that you mean the world to them, and they will go to the ends of the world to prove it.

This is the least you deserve of the person you are dating.