Don't Put Him First If He Always Puts You Last


Many of us have experienced being attracted to someone who is overly self-absorbed. However, it's important to assess how they treat us. If they consistently disregard our emotions, requirements, and importance, we should refrain from encouraging their behavior.

1. If He Doesn't Make Himself Available, He Either Doesn't Care Or He's Selfish

Pursuing a guy who disregards you is futile. The truth is, if a guy values you, he'll make an effort to include you in his plans. If he's not doing so, it's evident that he prioritizes other things. Whether he's not interested in you or is self-centered, it doesn't matter. In either case, it's not a positive outcome.

2. If You Let Him Get Away With It, He'll Keep Acting This Way

Your response to the treatment you receive from others conveys your level of acceptance. If a guy disregards your feelings and needs, and you keep returning for more, he'll continue doing so indefinitely. It's crucial to put an end to it now.

3. Don't Make Time For Him

Do you find yourself keeping your schedule open just in case he wants to hang out? Don't. If he wants to spend time with you, he should make the effort to plan ahead and not claim your valuable social time at the last minute. Engaging in games is foolish, and nothing is more unappealing than turning down a last-minute invitation to sit alone at home pretending to be busy. Instead of pretending, remove him from your plans and ensure that you're genuinely out and having a good time as much as possible. If he asks for a last-minute get-together, inform him that you're occupied and suggest planning in advance this time.

4. Definitely Don't Change Plans You Already Have For Him

The most inconsiderate action you can take is to cancel plans with friends, family, or colleagues to accommodate someone who prioritizes themselves above all else. Although you may feel inclined to abandon everything and rush to this person whenever they beckon, if you wish for them to respect your time, you must stand your ground. It's vital never to flake out on those close to you for the sake of someone who consistently prioritizes their own desires.

5. Don't Make It Exclusive

If spending time with this guy frequently results in you feeling lonely and upset, it's evident that it's not yet time to settle. Explore more dating opportunities and inform this guy that you're not limiting your options. Although there is a chance that you may lose him, there is also the possibility of discovering someone who genuinely values and appreciates you. If he wants a committed relationship, he should work towards earning it.

6. Don't Get Your Hopes Up

If you're not this guy's top priority presently, there's a possibility that you may never be. While some men may modify their behavior when confronted with the possibility of losing someone they care for, it's more likely that he won't change for you. Always be prepared to let him go if he doesn't improve his treatment towards you. Although it's feasible to influence someone's behavior, never forget that you should never have to change yourself for someone who won't reciprocate.

7. If You're The Only One Initiating Contact, Stop

Relationships are either mutually beneficial or worthless. If you're constantly pursuing this guy, you must ask yourself whether he's genuinely deserving of your time and energy. If you stopped making things easy for him, would he still make the effort to contact you? It's time to discover the answer!

8. Don't Count On Him To Be There

Dating someone who constantly cancels plans can be frustrating, but if you're determined to remain in the relationship, ensure that you protect yourself by anticipating the worst. This approach allows you to be pleasantly surprised if he arrives on schedule, returns your calls, and behaves like a considerate individual for a change. If you consistently make plans that depend on him doing the right thing, you're likely to become extremely disappointed in a short period.

9. Look After Your Own Interests

Prioritize yourself. After all, someone has to. Don't wait for his input before making crucial decisions. If you want to do something, plan it as if he didn't exist. Make him adjust to your plans, even if it means that you may not see each other. When you're dating someone who prioritizes themselves, there's always a risk involved, so it's better to prepare accordingly.

10. Invest Your Time And Energy In People Who Actually Care

Love can be tough, but it's essential to remember the people who genuinely appreciate you. It's essential to surround yourself with individuals who treat you well, whether they're friends, partners, or sexual partners. The more you fill your life with people who treat you with kindness and respect, the less time you'll have to waste on those who don't. Additionally, it's crucial to raise your standards so that you lose interest in individuals who don't value you.