Don't Put A Timeline On Your Recovery

Don’t Put A Timeline On Your Recovery

I'm serious here. Listen to the wisdom flow from my mouth. You are worth all the love in the world. Your time is now. Your time is also in the future. You are so young now. You don't even realize it. Trust your instincts. Know your worth. Think about what you actually want in this world. That's a huge question, I know. So give it some thought and prioritize yourself.

I'll say it louder for y'all at the back.


You Are Worthy Of Love, Period

We've all been there where we're feeling down, dejected, or decidedly unsuccessful. Particularly when we perceive that the people around us are more successful or better in relationships than we are. You catch yourself glowering at Michael and Rebecca from work as they hold hands in the break room. Suddenly you feel like the old spinster or ugly stepmother in a Disney film. But also, sometimes we need time alone and to feel down to realize what it is that we actually want in life and relationships. Sometimes being in a rut can mean that you need some 'me time' for a weekend. Sometimes you fall into a trapdoor of despair and it can feel impossible to see any light.


Remember that you have people around who care about you. Remember that whatever happens, your life has meaning and you are valid. Remember. Finally, that self-love is the hardest thing we ever have to do.

You aren't a failure

I know how life gets. Seriously, I do. I know the ups and the downs and the hills and the valleys better than most. It's one of the pitfalls of being a chronic over-thinker and general 'spiraller.' We don't love that for me, frankly.


But if there is one thing I've noticed on all my multitudinous years on this earth, there is a golden rule to note.

Just as the pride comes before the fall, the breakdown comes right before the breakthrough.

I've found this on two occasions in the last month alone

I like to think of it as the universe's illogical way of restoring justice and recalibrating the karma of some of the people around us. You know, when you were already stressed about money and work, but then your friend stumbles upon a way to make easy money. Or gets promoted without even applying. And it makes you want to die just a little. It is super frustrating, though. After all, you always want to be happy for your friend because you genuinely love them. You want to have their interests at heart.


While you wait, figure out more about who you are. And fill your life with things you enjoy. By engaging in your hobbies and going to classes, you might put yourself in range with like-minded individuals. And if not, you're having fun de-stressing and getting out of the flat.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Put on an ABBA soundtrack and dance around in your underwear with a glass of wine – alter the album and alcohol to your taste, and it's worth checking the apartment is empty before you strip off. However, after these checks, there is something truly liberating about leaping around with reckless abandon, shouting out the lyrics to a song you forgot you knew the lyrics to, and literally stripping back the layers of stress around you.


Yes, having a significant other is great and emotionally satisfying, but you can still have great fun single. Not only that, but you can engage with your own needs and realize that you don't have to exist just like half of a relationship or player in a group dynamic. When you give yourself the credit of being a whole human being, you recognize that you have needs and have the means to satisfy them.


It is universally known that the cruelest and most vicious person you will ever experience is yourself. Therefore, it stands to reason that so long as you can stand your own company (or even enjoy it!), who is there left to impress?

The long and short of it?

You are the most important person to yourself. Treat yourself as such, get to know yourself. Love yourself.


I'll say it again.

It won't always be like this. You need to break an egg to make the omelet. The sun needs to set in order to rise again.

You need change to move on.

Your time will come, just hang on a while longer.

All love x