Don't Put A Timeline On Sex: Live Life On Your Terms

Don’t Put A Timeline On Sex: Live Life On Your Terms

I know it's what we have all been told from a young age, but there's truly no reason to listen to the New York City social media regarding sex.

Firstly, they will have you believe that jaded thirty-year-olds are teenagers and will consciously misrepresent the realities of teenage sex life.

Ever noticed that every Disney show has the 14-year-old go through four long term relationships before finding 'the one' aged 18?

Let's take a few steps back from the hypersexualization of our childhood and early adulthood.

We deserve to just live for a bit

don't put a timeline on sex: live life on your terms

Another thing, even though it seems like absolutely everyone around you is getting it on, don't give in to that pressure if you aren't ready.

Most of those people are just noise anyway. People with loads of 'sex stories' are either jerks for collecting these experiences, or are flat out making them up.

Furthermore, even if you haven't had your first kiss, relationship – or date – during your teens, there is so much time still!

Don't worry

Also, even if you have had these experiences, but they haven't been enjoyable or went wrong, don't give yourself a hard time.

Give yourself time to reflect on your sexuality, needs, and your personal desires.

Sometimes, people spend their lives looking for relationships because they don't know how to replace their need for attention with something more internalized and self-sustaining.

We need to recognise our habits

don't put a timeline on sex: live life on your terms

That said, it's not 'morally better' to avoid relationships altogether because you're afraid you might get hurt. Don't let fear rule you!

Maybe you need to leap, every now and then. But you can only jump off and take a risk when you're on stable ground to start with.

Sex seems like the social holy grail sometimes. But, unless you're Fox News, it's not.

Getting engaged used to mean being husband and wife, seeing life as a couple, together. Now, it is just a matter of social security and a legally binding contract.

We are told to prioritize sex as our one major life event, rather than having a fulfilled relationship, where your mental health needs are met. Don't rush intimacy issues.

If thinking about sex gives you panic attacks – that's not just the nervous by-product of living life.

It's a reason for caution

don't put a timeline on sex: live life on your terms

Sure, the time you got a STI in San Francisco makes for a good story, but that's all it is.

Firstly, sex means different things to different people, and in fact, isn't a stable definition in itself.

For some, certain sexual acts or foreplay can constitute their valuation of sex, and for others, it's different again. It's so impractical to suggest that sex is the end-goal of a relationship.

Relationships with sex aren't inherently more stable or loyal than those without it, and neither is 'better' than the other. They both have boundaries that need to be communicated and other intimacies to bridge.

Having sex isn't the be-all and end-all. In fact, as is always the case, the first time will never be up to much. No matter the partner, just because it's a new, strange concept.

The goal isn't to amp up sex to something big and significant – 'meaningless sex,' or sex without commitment – is just the same bits and parts; what's important is to feel comfortable with yourself.

With sex, everyone always gets more concerned with what other people are doing.

Only we know when we're ready

The first point of consent involved with sex, is to ourselves, to our feelings.

But try to live on your own timeline. A committed relationship is more than just sexual consent. There is loads of time to have a marriage and family.

Have a few rough goes at a dating app, or even research planned parenthood to know all your options. Rushing into things means you will end up with a partner who might represent your sexual desires but won't be interested in taking care of your healthcare.

You can't succeed by other people's terms, anyway.