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Don't Miss Out On This Inflatable 'Christmas Vacation' Griswold RV

Don’t Miss Out On This Inflatable ‘christmas Vacation’ Griswold Rv

I love Christmas and all its hilarious craziness. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to spending time with my friends and family and sharing the rare happy moments together.

But God knows I love the fun and unexpected surprises this season brings with it.

Take the inflatable "Christmas Vacation" Griswold RV for instance.

don't miss out on this inflatable 'christmas vacation' griswold rv

The Moment I Saw It Was The Moment I Fell In Love With It.

It's a truly remarkable display to have on your lawn and a great way to remember National Lampoon's unforgettable 'Christmas Vacation.'

But what do we really know about this inflatable RV?

1. It's Self-Inflating

We know you have come across inflatables that needed you to get a pump and work up a sweat getting them into shape. But with this Griswold inflatable RV, you will have an easier experience.

With its self-inflating mechanism, you can expect it to attain its full size within minutes. Deflating is also easy once you are done with it and it's time to put it away.

2. They Thought Of Everything

don't miss out on this inflatable 'christmas vacation' griswold rv

You will not have to worry about keeping it balanced and steady once it comes to life. The RV comes with stakes and tethers necessary to keep it safe and stable even when strong winds blow about.

So, you will not have to lose sleep wondering whether that windy night might rob you of your precious Christmas souvenir. In any case, since it's so easy to deflate, you can always put it away for the night and take it out the following day.

3. It's 4 Feet In Height

You didn't think it would be as big as a real RV, did you? But still, 4 feet is quite some size, and nobody will miss it once you have it on your lawn. That's what matters here.

4. It Looks Good, But Doesn't Hog Power

don't miss out on this inflatable 'christmas vacation' griswold rv

The RV has very energy-efficient LED lights whose brightness will make it the highlight of your neighborhood throughout the Christmas season, and without putting a dent in your power bill.

5. It's Not Exactly Cheap, But It's Worth It

At $200 bucks, we can hardly call this RV cheap. But then again, considering what it offers, I don't think you should have expected anything different. Remember that it will give your home a truly unique Christmas look, and that makes it an incredible purchase.

Oh, these things are going fast by the way. So, make your order as soon as you can. You will be glad you did. After all, what else can give you a chance to make your home stand out in such a fantastic way this Christmas? Don't say Christmas trees. They are fun, yes, but they are also all over the place.